Will a bad GPA ruin my chances at LACs?

<p>During my freshman year, my dad was in a life-threatening coma and I missed a month of school. While he was in the hospital, I struggled with depression and failed all of my classes. There is no way my overall GPA can recover from that, but I'm hoping colleges will be understanding of my situation. My top choice is Oberlin and I applied ED there. I also really like Middlebury and other liberal arts colleges.</p>

<p>SAT: 2360</p>

-German 4H
-Humanities H
-English 1H
-Algebra 1
-Advanced Journalism</p>

(4.0 GPA)
-AP German
-U.S. History H
-English 2H
-Algebra 2
-Advanced Journalism</p>

(4.0 GPA)
-Latin 4H
-AP World History
-Middle-East Studies
-AP English Language
-Honors Studio Art
-Advanced Journalism</p>

AP Latin
AP Government
AP English Literature
AP Statistics
Honors Studio Art
Advanced Journalism</p>

-Editor in chief of school newspaper
-Founder and editor in chief of gender/sexuality magazine
-President of Gender Equality Club
-Volunteer at local gay center
-Volunteer at AIDs hospice</p>

-Courage in Journalism (state award)
-Second place newspaper layout (national award)
-Gold award for German (state award)</p>

I've traveled alone to France, Germany, and Russia. I speak German and a bit of Russian. I also know some sign language. I think my strong suits are the German and Latin APs, especially because I got a 5 on German in sophomore year.</p>

<p>Ask your counselor to write about your issues freshmen year. I think you have a fine shot.</p>

<p>He did write to the school. Thanks!</p>

<p>I don’t think your GPA will hurt your chances given that unfortunate occurance and the fact you got straight A’s in both your sophomore and junior years. The subsequent letter from your GC was also a wise move on your part. You’re likely to be okay at Oberlin but your course rigor may (empahsis on “may”) come into play at Middlebury or any other ultra-selective schools on your list. I will be very surprised if you do not receive good news at Oberlin. Good luck!</p>