Will Cal Poly know which acct. we used for CashNet (eCheck) when we paid housing dep?

<p>Is there a way we can find out from Cal Poly which account we used for CashNet to pay by eCheck previously? **I was thinking they might have the last 4 numbers **of the checking account we used when we paid our daughter's $800 housing deposit. I'm HOPING that we used the account from the bank where our daughter's college fund is. But, I honestly can't remember! :-/ I don't want to take the chance and have them deduct $1,200 from our *regular *chkg. account (if we happened to use that one last time.) We were all ready to click on Make a Payment Now for the Dining Plan deposit, but decided not to. Do you think the Cal Poly Corporation will have that account information?</p>


<p>I just hadn't remembered we created an account name last February when we paid the $800 deposit. A lot has happened since then! ;) Fortunately after clicking on Make Payment Now, they take you to different options. Problem solved.</p>

<p>P.S. Also, if I had just looked in the file we made for Cal Poly, I would have seen a receipt for the housing payment. Sheesh. Well, that was back when my daughter was still waiting to hear back from schools and we had way too MANY files. I'm surprised we could keep track of them all.</p>

<p>I just did the payment for my son. The first deposit I did a credit card and this time I did the echeck. I don't want to pay the extra fees! </p>

<p>2leashes^ I'm glad you figured it out! I need to recycle the files I had for my son's college search and just create a cal poly one. Things will start to get busy and complicated with payments and such. Time to teach him how to do a lot of this too!</p>