Will Caltech Rescind my Son's Application for a few B's?

<p>My son is a high school senior who was recently accepted to Caltech, but his grades have gotten a little bit shaky recently. He might end up with 2 or 3 B's in this last semester. Do you think this is grounds for Caltech to rescind his admittance? Thanks</p>

<p>I’m not an expert but honestly there’s no way they would rescind anyone for a couple B’s. C’s, maybe at schools like Cal Tech but B’s ? No way</p>

<p>Ds, Fs, Felonies or Fraud (in admissions). If kid stays away from these, he’s fine.</p>

<p>the people that know the answer work in Caltech admissions. Why not have your son take ownership of his actions and call them to discuss it? If it turns out that his admission is jeopardized wouldn’t he be better off knowing now when he might still have other options than in August when other options will be few?</p>

<p>No chance. Don’t worry. </p>