Will I sound whiny?

<p>In my junior year my grades slipped a bit, because I had some personal issues (not going to get into detail). My guidance counselor said she would talk about this in her recommendation letter, but she also told me to write on the Additional Informational a paragraph about this. She told me to be positive and explain why my grades slipped. I also know that one of the teachers writing me a recommendation will briefly talk about this, since he told me. So my question is, should I include that explanation in the Additional Information or not...? What would you guys?</p>

<p>It depends on if you plan on writing other things in that space. If you don't, then go for it. You should be able to offer a unique interpretation of the events that your teacher or counselor may not. However, be careful to make sure that your story doesn't contradict theirs.</p>

<p>^ In my "story" I don't really go into detail about the issues I had. I mention them briefly, that's it. What I do is try to to show the positive things I've done and how I still tried to challenge myself, regardless of the setbacks I had.</p>

<p>If your GC said to include an explanation in that "additional information" space, then I would follow thru with their advice. If you don't, and you are not accepted at certain schools, you will likely second-guess yourself. I know I would. However, be as specific as possible so that there isn't anything left open to interpretation.</p>

<p>write it analytically, and talk about how you overcame the hardships, not how you suffered ;D</p>

<p>^So it doesn't sound whiny at all?</p>

<p>yeah. whiny is really bad; it shows you can't handle stress and you're slightly "immature", for lack of better word.
But if you analyze the issue and focus how you overcame the problem, then it will show that you have improved yourself and whatnot XD</p>

<p>^ Exactly, that's what I did. 97% of it focuses on positive aspects. :)</p>

<p>good good :D
good luck!</p>

<p>^Thank yoooou :) You too! :D</p>

<p>Bump :ppppp</p>

<p>Yes, definitely talk about it. Mention the hardships but focus much, much more on how you overcame them and how they shaped you, and try really hard to make it sound very positive. This will put you in the best possible light.</p>