Will my AP scores help my chances?

<p>I recently received my automatic acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin for being in the top 7% of my class, however I am hoping to be accepted into the school of engineering. I received a 4 on my AP psychology, English Composition, U.S. History, and World History, I know these scores aren't very impressive and therefore have not sent them yet. My question is should I send them anyway? Would they help my chances? Hurt them?</p>

<p>4s are okay. They may help. Can you simply note them on your application? I don’t see a need to send official records.</p>

<p>AP score has little weight in admission. Particularly, these subjects have little to do with engineering. It would not hurt in any case though. Most student would not submit AP scores until matriculation. If submitted, the score report will likely go to the registrar office instead of admission office anyway.</p>