Will my gpa and SATII scores kill my chances?

<h2>I'm very worried about getting into uva with my gpa and SATII scores. I'm applying ED to UVA and already signed up to retake the SAT I in October. However, this means that I do not have a chance to retake the SATIIs before ED. Unless I'm defferred, They won't see my later scores. Is it likely that I'll be rejected from ED at UVA with my stats?</h2>

<p>Here is my list so far:
UVA (ED) <-- want this the most
William and Mary
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
University of Illinois - U C

<h2>I'm also thinking about adding Tufts and the University of Michigan to this list. </h2>

Currently: Senior in northern VA
Ethnicity: Indian</p>

<p>I'll be applying for engineering. There are many majors I like in that division but I can't decide.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.695 weighted, 3.630 unweighted
Note: my school doesn't give a lot of credit for APs and none for Honors. It's just 0.5 added to a grade in an AP class.</p>

<p>SAT: Math-710, CR-730, Writing-660, total-2100, or 1440 traditionally
SAT II's: MathIIC: 700, USHIST: 660, ENGLISH: 670
I'm going to retake at least 2 of these (Math and English probably) and take Physics also. The new scores won't be on my ED app.</p>

<p>APs: CHEM-4, USHIST-4, EnglishLANG-4
APs this year: Computer Science AB, Calculus BC, Physics C, English Literature, and Government (one of the hardest courseloads at my school)
Other classes: Spanish 1-4, honors core classes except for history my first two years, band first 2 years, some electives.</p>

- Debate Team - member - 4-6 hours a week during sophmore and junior years
- Wrote an essay for a Northern Virginia Bengali Association Magazine and later helped design the magazine itself with computer graphics software
- Science Honor Society - webmaster (officer position)
- National Honor Society - member
- Pohick Homework Helpers - Tutor - 1 hour a week during junior year
- INOVA Fairfax Hospital - Volunteer - 51 hours
- Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program - Intern - 40+ hours a week, doing a lot of programming with an engineering tool called MATLAB (8 weeks in the summer)</p>

- 4th place - NOVAFL student congress
- 5th place - NOVAFL student congress
- 5th place - NOVAFL student congress
- Debate Team School Letter
- AP Scholar</p>

<p>What kind of chance do you think I stand at UVA's ED process? accepted/deferred/rejected?</p>

<p>i think you'll either be accepted or deferred..the only thing holding you back is your GPA, but i've heard of ppl getting in with worse..good luck!</p>

<p>I'd say you have a very good shot at both UVA and William and Mary. You're in-state, your GPA is good, and your SATs scores are above the 75th percentile for both schools. Most likely accepted at both.</p>

<p>The other schools on your list:</p>

<p>Virginia Tech - Low match/safety
Georgia Tech - Match
University of Illinois - U C - High Match (Out of State)
Cornell - Reach
Tufts - Match/High Match
U Mich - Match</p>

<p>Because you're in-state you have a great chances. Your SATs are average...they will in no way "kill" your chances. Your GPA is pretty average, too, but it's by no means bad like you make it out to be. Write great essays and recs, and I think you have an excellent shot.</p>