will my profile make up to the admission

<p>i am applying to vcu 7yr guaranteed admission program, i am international student studying in us for 2 yrs.
here's the summary, profile</p>

<p>Senior classes
AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Calculus AB, English 12, US VA Government, Latin2</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA
Weighted: 4.023
Unweighted: 4.0</p>

<p>Class standing Top 5% of class (687) </p>

<p>Community service:
Reston Regional Library
Herndon Fortnightly Library
Herndon Town Center
VVN Association of recreational club and Library services
Loudoun Medical Care
Sumana Nursing Home </p>

Everest Business Solutions</p>

<p>Extra-circular activities
National Honor Society
Math Honor Society
Science Honor Society
Senior Math Team</p>

<p>Leadership roles
SWEEKAR-supported the organization, leading a group for the cause of rehabilitation programs
ITRRODDD- organized a group of students to raise funds for training relief of blind children
Sphoorthi- Actively assisted the editorial group with our student body to bring out our annual school magazine
NTR Memorial sports school- led the school of for recreational presentations on account of Independence Day celebrations
i hope these make up for a 1270 sat 560v but what is your evaluation, thanks
any post is helpful</p>

<p>put this is "what are my chances"</p>

<p>please post your respons!</p>

<p>some medical related work would be very helpful to get into an accelerated medical program! check out the message board entitled Multiple Degree Programs under Pre Med & Med School that should have everything you need!</p>

<p>where are you from? wat's your sat scores??</p>

<p>which school are you applying to? (are you trying for upenn?)</p>

<p>virginia commonwealth university.
have internships of 400 hours
SAT 1270 710M, 560V</p>

<p>you are in at VCU...it seems to me like you might have stats to go somewhere better, but if VCU's for you I'd say you're a lock</p>

<p>that 7year program at vcu is uber competitive... average SAT of about 1450... he is definately not an autoadmit to that program, but to the university he is.</p>

<p>dude you are international student, so you are not eligible for VCU's 7 year program.</p>

<p>bomers right you must me at least a US permanent resident or else you cant go for that program. Im applying to that program and believe me its very competitive. I think they only accept 10 kids. They favor instate so they only accept like 2 kids out of state. So my chances are bad ( Im from Calif.) Hopefully ill get in.</p>