will not attending SOAR give me last priority for classes?

<p>as I understand it, going to SOAR gives you the opportunity to learn about the class registration system first hand, but in the end you still end up registering for classes online using one of Cal Poly's computer labs? Is this correct? And if I am not going to be attending SOAR (live too far away to make it worth it) I can still register for classes online (there will be instructions posted online I take it?) but will I be given a lesser priority? Does anyone have any experience with this?</p>


<p>Generally you need to be "advised" to register, otherwise the system blocks you from registering. Not sure about CPSLO specifically though.</p>

<p>As a freshman, you will be pre-registered for a block of about 12 to 13 units. During SOAR they teach you how to use the PASS system and CPreg to register for more units ( after open enrollment ). This is very helpful, but not required. Both systems are pretty user friendly. If you miss SOAR, there will be plenty of people to help you when you get to Cal Poly. All of this is done on your MyCalPoly.</p>