Will one bad grade affect admissions?

<p>Hi everyone!
Like a lot of people that seem to be on this site, I'm a female African American high school junior trying to assess my chances of admission for next year. I believe that I have pretty decent stats (3.7UW, 4.3W, 2190SAT, 31ACT, AP Classes) but on my transcript I have one terrible grade. Last year, I got a D as my final grade in Precalc G/T. Other than this class, I have only received 2 B's in all of high school and have maintained A's in all AP and G/T courses. This year, I am in Calculus G/T and will be receiving an A for the year. Will the scar of the D on my transcript affect admission?</p>

<p>Please comment! :)</p>

<p>Honestly, yes. Top schools will see a D as a big red flag. What exactly happened? If you have a good explanation, consider writing a mini-essay for the "additional info" section of the commonapp; just say what happened and how it affected you, but take responsibility. I.e., don't use it as an excuse, but do explain extenuating circumstances.</p>

<p>would a no pass in a non credit online class reflect as poorly? ive asked this before but i havent gotten any responses!</p>

<p>You are screwed hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha community college awaits</p>

<p>It's a problem, but an A in Calculus this year should smooth over the worst part of it.</p>

<p>Ds are almost unforgivable in the college process.</p>

<p>does it matter if they are core classes or not?</p>

<p>and to jengajenga, i saw your post on another comment that said that the poster with multiple C's still had a chance at good universities. so in your opinion, is it worse to have one D but good grades/test scores or to have overall mediocre grades and slightly good test scores? and im not trying to attack you or anything, im just curious :)</p>

<p>At top colleges yes it'll hurt you unless you have a hellofa good reason why. You shouldn't have any issues with decent average schools. State schools. Sure it's a bad mark but overall as long as you are doing well and you do have a decent act</p>

<p>D's are quite unsightly.</p>

<p>Don't explain! There are times explanations are readily seen as legitimate such as in the case of a serious illness on your part or a family member, but it sounds like that isn't the case here. There is another way off addressing issues like this but it is difficult for most people to pull off since they're too close to the problem, and they end up making excuses rather than doing it properly.</p>

<p>An in any event, the grade is a moot point except for the slight effect it has on your GPA. The reason is you're taking a subsequent class, Calculus, and are getting an A in it. So whatever problems you had in pre-Calc have obviously been resolved.</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry.
I only say that if you are trying to attend a State University, etc.</p>

<p>I would worry if you were trying to go to the Ivy League.</p>