will the october score FIASCO happen again in nov?

<p>Okay... We all know there was a big fiasco for those that took the October administration of the SAT I or SAT II. The evening of Thursday, October 21, millions of anxious kids accessed collegeboard.com, hoping to be greeted by high scores, but to their dismay, COLLEGEBOARD WAS DOWN. And only a couple days later were they able to access the scores. But to several other unfortunate people (like me), they were able to log in but THEIR SCORES WEREN'T THERE. I've been checking since last Thursday and I only got my SAT II scores TODAY (I took 3: Math IC, Literature, and Writing and I don't have my writing yet b/c they are still grading the essays, but at least I got 2 of the scores). Since I did UBER BAD on the Math IC, I'm planning to take that (Stand-by) next Saturday, November 6. According to collegeboard.com, scores for that administration should be viewable by November 19. Will I have a delay b/c I am a standby? Will collegeboard's computers crash again? I NEED to have my score by at least then for my UC Applications. I can't wait until the last week to submit the UC applications online b/c then the server always crashes b/c of everyone turning in their applications at the last minute. It is imperative I get my scores by then so I can write it into the self-reported score summary in the UC app. </p>

<p>However, I know there's no way for us to know what will happen to collegeboard...this fiasco never happened before but since it did, it's bound to happen again. So is collegeboard too unpredictable, and should I send my UC app before November 19 and just choose to mail the new November scores to the UC's???? What do you think is the best way to go?</p>

<p>P.S. Is there any correlation between the SAT I math and the SAT II math IC? I got a 630 on the SAT I math but I can't even break a 600 on the SAT II Math IC, no matter how hard I try...Is there something wrong with me?
P.P.S. When do you think the writing scores will be up for us scoreless people, I know they still have to grade essays but what's taking so long?</p>

<p>There isn't anything wrong with you, it's just that the curve on the SAT II Math IC is incredibly harsh.</p>

<p>I can't, though, give you much advice about the application.</p>

<p>anybody? I need some advice...</p>

<p>I got all my Oct. SAT II scores on that thursday and I took writing....</p>

<p>Also, think about taking 2C, If you are taking calc now, it's probably more recent material (as opposed to geometry...blah) - plus bigger curve.</p>

<p>a lot of lucky people like you got ALL their scores.... but there were also a lot of unfortunate people that didn't get their scores prompty (like me)</p>

<p>i don't want to take 2c b/c I'm not even in Calculus (only pre-calc, as a senior too...did i tell you i don't like math?).</p>

<p>what is the curve for sat math ic versus math iic.... like 800 800 etc? </p>

<p>and math iic may have a better curve scorewise but its percentiles are worse, yikes!</p>

<p>p.s. do uc's care more about percentiles or scores?</p>

<p>anybody have input?</p>

<p>I got a 660 SAT Math and a 610 SAT II Math IC. I'm taking IIC in December, because I know I'll do better. I got a 690 on the test from Real SAT IIs without any review. (I haven't had a math class since May, since my school's on a 4x4 block schedule.)</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump bump</p>

<p>anybody else have an opinion?</p>