Will this kill me for Wharton

<p>I am applying ED to Wharton. My school does not offer AP Micro or Macro Economics. I am taking AP calculus however. I am wondering whether the fact that I haven't taken an AP econ class in high school hurt my chances for admission. I will take an honors econ class 2nd semester (It is the highest level that my school offer). Please post your opinion I sent in my app a few days ago and this has been bothering me. Thanks</p>

<p>i took 8 aps during my sophomore and junior years, but didn't take any economics AP. </p>

<p>The teacher at my school for ap macro is known for not teaching or caring about the exams; people take that class just for the gpa. i didn't bother taking that class.</p>

<p>i took honors gov and econ freshman year, the only econ class i took all my life. </p>

<p>i'm taking accounting as a dual enrollment class. </p>

<p>Took cal bc last year and taking ap stat this year. i think wharton looks at math classes...</p>

<p>no, it shouldn't hurt you...Penn will only look at what opportunities were offered to you, and see that you took the most rigorous available. i asked my gc about something similar and he said that colleges frequently give them a call if they have a question about it. if you need to, tell your guidance counselor to make note of that fact---so that if penn does call he/she can tell them you took the most rigorous available</p>

<p>Even though you are applying to Wharton, a business school, that doesn't mean you have to do EVERYTHING business-related. Penn wants to see that you are a well-rounded student. Of course, you must show an interest towards business, but that doesn't mean you shift your entire academic and extracurricular approach towards business-related activities. This could even hurt you, since it might show that the applicant is simply doing all of that for admission...</p>

<p>thanks for your insight. I really want to go to Wharton, and I am very interested in business, i just thought that i should do as much business related stuff as possible. thanks again for the great advice</p>