Will txtbooks run out?

<p>if i wait until after i move in to buy my textbooks for fall qtr., is there a chance they will not be in stock?
because i have a couple used books that are the same edition, author, etc as the ones i need but for some weird reason the isbn #s dont match. or should i just go ahead and buy them and if they are the same, just return the ones i bought?</p>

<p>i have the same question.</p>

<p>i heard that there was some archive/library of textbooks or readers that people could rent for a period of time.</p>

<p>can anyone confirm this?</p>

<p>do they have the textbooks in the library so you can just go there and study or is buying mandatory, </p>

<p>if it wasn't nobody would buy any books so i doubt it, but still just checking.....</p>

<p>library's do have textbooks on reserve but I think it depends on professors...</p>

<p>are libraries open 24/7 if not, what are the timings</p>

<p>check the library page....although I doubt if they have posted Fall hours yet</p>

<p>How bad are the lines for textbooks? I only need to pick up 3 small ones, and I'm wondering if I should just fork over the extra 4 bucks for pick-up.</p>

<p>4 bucks for pickup is stupid.
arghh they just want our money.</p>

<p>They probably won't run out of books. Certainly not when you move-in.</p>

<p>They usually do have textbooks on reserve in the library. I think you can check on the registrar page for each particular course. They only have a couple copies and of course on reserve, which means that you can only use it for 2 hour periods (unless no one else wants it, I think).</p>

<p>The lines can get VERY long if you go at bad times... there will be lines to get in. There will be lines to check out. It can easily take an hour or more just to get a few books. Not bringing a bag of any sort will speed up the process a little bit. The best time is probably during move-in weekend or really early zero week.</p>