Will UC's fee decline in the next couple years?

<p>Will UC's fee decline in the next couple years?</p>

<p>If anything, expect in-state tuition to increase rapidly, since the state is defunding post-secondary education in favor of other political priorities (K-12, health and welfare, prisons, and avoiding raising taxes).</p>

<p>Alright. So no chance it goes down? :(</p>

<p>Ummm... pay attention to a minor detail. It's called the US Economy. And then maybe pay attention to something called the "state of the California budget".</p>

<p>Then extrapolate and see if you can't find your answer.</p>

<p>Someone about to enter college should be aware these trivial items, no?</p>

<p>If your parents make less than $80,000 you will pay NOTHING in tuition and fees:</p>

<p>University</a> of California - Blue + Gold Opportunity Plan</p>

<p>Substantial additional grants are available based on need.</p>

<p>Fee increases are not affecting the truly needy UC eligible kids. The fee increase is essentially a tax on CA families who choose to send their kids to state schools.</p>

<p>Don't expect any improvement soon; expect more increases. California has serious financial problems and the universities are suffering as a result by receiving less and less funding. How bad is it: the San Francisco court sytem just recently announced that it will be shutting down much of the court system beginning October and likely lasting at least through next year because of lack of state funding. Necessary matters will proceed such as criminal and traffic cases but most civil matters will be put on hold or long calendars (five years) to trial.</p>

<p>I also suspect we might see that $80,000 figure go down :(.</p>

<p>Dang. Colleges will soon be like gravetowns or something.</p>

<p>No they won't. People will just go into debt.</p>

<p>My D is a senior at UCSD and the climb has been amazing over 4 years. My Son starts at U of Minnesota in 3 weeks. He will cost me $6k less per year paying oos tuition, that's just wrong. He passed on davis and sb and wants out of this state. The state is broke, the UC system will be "dumbied down" now with ELC going to 9%. Last one out of this socialist state please turn off the lights.</p>

<p>UC tuition declining in the next couple years?</p>

<p>You have got to be kidding me.</p>