William and Mary Waitlist 2025

Hey, I didn’t see a thread for this, so I thought I’d start one. Anyway, I got waitlisted this afternoon, but I didn’t get a link for the verto pathway even though I’ve lived in Virginia my entire life. If someone could please post a picture of what their WL Virginia decision said, I would really appreciate it.

i don’t understand what you mean by you didn’t receive a link for the verto pathway. isn’t anyone who is waitlisted from w&m allowed to use the verto pathway to start in spring semester for w&m??

Does anyone have experience with the Verto pathway? If so, what was it like (for yourself or if you are a parent, your child)

It appears like it could be a great experience, but I don’t know if it is more of a classroom in an exotic setting or if it is more an immersive experience?

I read about both the verto pathway and the Community College pathway on the William & Mary website. There is a decent amount of information. I am VERY strongly considering the Community College Pathway to start in Spring. I am in Florida and it would save me a good amount of money to do my first semester here locally.
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William and Mary rd 2025 -WAITLISTED STUDENTS considering spring start?

On the WM website it says that wait-listed applicants get guaranteed spring admission if they attend fall at their local Community College. Is anyone else considering this? I am aand my parents are interested in the idea of saving money that first semester…

I am highly considering a spring start if I don’t get off the waitlist. First of all, what is the housing like for these students? Do waitlisted and/or transfer students dorm together? And is it the least desirable housing? Also, when would we decide on our classes? I’m trying to think through what could be negatives (especially socially) about choosing this route.

There is good info on the website. I think that spring start students get whatever is free (perhaps the room of someone who left W&M after the Fall, or who went to study overseas for the spring, or even just dorm rooms they didnt fill in the Fall). Good point about choosing classes, but I imagine there is assistance… I was told there is a separate Spring orientation at least. It may not be ideal, but I am strongly considering it too.

Good to know. I wonder how they accommodate everyone since there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many can do the guaranteed admission pathway.

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I visited the campus yesterday. It was gorgeous. Still strongly thinking about Spring start at WM. (Esp since I have no idea where I am on the wait list or when/if they’ll take from the WL)

Same, but I don’t know whether I’d want to do a Verto semester abroad or go to my local community college.