With New Oct. Score, my chance at Columbia?

<p>Asian male who came about three years ago who had no English preparation watsoever-.-;
SAT-1370 (M800, V570) i know, my verbal so low, can't help it..(retakin in Nov. though..)
Math 1c 800
Math 2c 800
Chem 800
Writing 740
Physics 720
Korean 800 (for fun^^;)
TOEFL 267 (Essay 6)
GPA 3.99 Ranked 12/146 in NJ public high, took 5 APs end of school
BC CALC 5, Chem 4
numerous math competition awards, AIME qualifier, 200+ Volunteer Service, Presidents of 2 clubs...
wat else...oh yea Columbia Summer program and Science Honors Program </p>

<p>I'm applyin Columbia SEAS ED...What will be my chance...Any advices will be greatly appriciated..
Also, regular applying lists.


<p>are you trying to make me feel bad??? jk, but no u have a great chance at cornell, columbia, northwestern, umich, cmu... MIT is a major reach :)</p>

<p>MIT - major reach
UPENN - match
CORNELL - match
UMICH - match/safety
UIUC - safety
RUTGERS - no idea</p>

<p>assuming you boost your V score by about 100</p>

<p>kms, </p>

<p>What's your intended major? Most of the schools on your list (except UPenn & Rutgers) have better engineering program (well at least numerical ranking wise) than Columbia.</p>

<p>Yea, I know rest schools have better *rankings, but I just like the name value of Columbia itself...So..yea...btw, my major will be mat sci or chemicalEng.
Thanx for reply firai, but u missed my first choice! wat do you think about my chance at Columbia SEAS ED?</p>

<p>bumppp plzzz</p>

<p>bump up your V score and you should have a pretty good chance</p>

<p>columbia - REACH
MIT - looks like you have a good chance with your 800's</p>

<p>thnx guys, any other thoughts?</p>

<p>the following is copied and pasted from yahoo:</p>

<p>Columbia (Engineering):
Admission 2,219 applied, 649 admitted, 314 enrolled, 3.80 average high school GPA
Average high school GPA 3.80
Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 98%, SAT math scores over 500 99%, ACT scores over 18 100%, SAT verbal scores over 600 91%, SAT math scores over 600 89%, ACT scores over 24 96%, SAT verbal scores over 700 52%, SAT math scores over 700 60%, ACT scores over 30 89% </p>

Admission 10,549 applied, 1,735 admitted, 1,019 enrolled, 3.90 average high school GPA
Average high school GPA 3.90
Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 99%, SAT math scores over 500 100%, ACT scores over 18 100%, SAT verbal scores over 600 95%, SAT math scores over 600 100%, ACT scores over 24 99%, SAT verbal scores over 700 63%, SAT math scores over 700 89%, ACT scores over 30 76% </p>

<p>It's only a myth that MIT is forgiving on low verbal score. It's not. MIT is the far reach. Columbia's engineering school actually accepts almost 30% of applicants, not bad for an ivy.</p>

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<h2>Posts: 11 Yea, I know rest schools have better *rankings, but I just like the name value of Columbia itself...So..yea...btw, my major will be mat sci or chemicalEng.</h2>

<p>hey kms,</p>

<p>i am an engineer, and without going into specific field first, i think to an average engineer who knows something about engineering programs, carnegie mellon and cornell have better names. of course if you are just talking about some average folk on the street, columbia has a better name.</p>

<p>berkeley and stanford are two other schools that have great names both in engineering circle and in the public.</p>

<p>chemE: </p>

<p>i went to northwestern (stanford for grad) for chemE and i can tell you their program is pretty good (demanding also) and ranked in top 15. what makes northwestern a bit unique is they really want to help you jump start your career. they have a pretty well-established co-op program (for which u can get a certificate if u do 6 quarters of it) and in 1996, they added "engineering first" curriculum for the freshman so they can see the real engineering early and work on real-world projects given by industry clients.</p>

<p>the good thing about columbia is its proximity to new jersey where quite a few pharmaceutical companies are located. </p>

<p>in chemE circle, i think umich, uiuc, carnegie mellon all have better names. other top programs with good names within the chemE circle are berkeley, stanford, uminn and uwisc. </p>


<p>there's no suspense for mit there. but u probably don't know northwestern's name in mat sci is like wharton in business. it's the first program in the world and it's ranked in the top 3 consistently not just in US news but also in NRC/Gourmantheir. when i was there, mat sci dept occupied a lot of building space which was a good indication of how much weight it had.</p>

<p>Wow thanx you are really shaking my choice of colleges!
haha, anywayz, I'm really desparate to go Columbia right now...
any other thoughts please?</p>


<p>Got an AIM Screen name?</p>

<p>firai-what are you smoking? no offense. :-)
Cornell is NOT a match, either is UPENN.</p>

<p>this is what i think:</p>

<p>Columbia ED-reach, but i think you have a shot</p>

<p>These are RD as i understand:</p>

<p>MIT-super reach
UPENN-super reach
CORNELL-super reach
UMICH-if ann arbor, slight reach/match

<p>Neelesh, I think firai measured my chance in case of I raise my SAT V, so..
are the ivies still super reaches?
plus I don't do AIM..quit for a while</p>