<p>ive been really sloppy in my first month at college... i joined a speech 3 class thinking it would benefit me personally (it has nothing to do with my major) and after being in the class for a while i realized that i have no purpose in being in this class except maybe for an easy "A". i really want to drop it but i just missed the deadline to withdraw without getting a "W", and i know i shouldve realized it sooner but i didn't. ive read some other posts struggling whether or not to drop a class because they were afraid of failing, and i feel stupid wanting to drop just because i don't want to waste time. Plus, im looking to free up some time so i can do an online english 1 class that i found. Would a "W" really be all that big a problem, or should i just stick with my lame class?</p>

<p>If you are planning on transfer I would suck it up and stick with the class. I'm in a similar position (wanting to drop a class, but more because of it's time and the fact that I'm learning nothing), but I luckily have a few days to decide before I get a W.</p>

<p>If it's just for free time and such, than stay with the class because a W does not look good. If you are in danger of failing, than drop it because a W looks bad, but not as bad as an F (and at least W's don't hurt your GPA).</p>

<p>That's my advice... I mean, come on, it's just 3 hours a week, not the end of the world. Just sucks you didn't make the cut off because than you could drop it with no worries (other than losing some money).</p>

<p>Dude, if it is a question of your being bored or something, and not a question of earning a poor mark- then hang in there. </p>

<p>I mean, I like wish you well and stuff- but you do not know if later on down the line that the nice mark you earned in this one class will be the mark which keeps your gpa doing alright and stuff.</p>

<p>You also do not yet know if one semester you will take a super hard course that you would be better off obtaining a W in or something. </p>

your granny merlin</p>