Wondering about my GPA

<p>I'm a currently a junior and im a little confused about how colleges calculate gpa (specifically upenn, brown, etc.) . I've gotten almost all A's except for 4 B's which were all 92s (in my school an A is 93-100). These Bs have brought my gpa down to a 3.75 or something around there, while my weighted is 4.6. I have taken all honors and aps possible. How would these colleges calcualte my gpa? And before anyone says it i know that this has been posted a lot but im still kinda confused and would reaally appreciate the help.

<p>Sooo anyone have any thoughts?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure they recalculate your GPA into the 90-100 = A scale. In my opinion, it doesn't matter matter at this point because you've done your best and have taken the hardest classes. Nothing you can do to change that.</p>

<p>A mom once posted here on CC that she called the Stanford admissions office, and they told her that they counted all A's as 4.0's, all B's as 3.0's, etc., regardless of the pluses and minuses. This makes sense, because not all high schools assign different weights to +/- grades (and in fact, a lot of them consider 90 and above a solid A, and +/- doesn't exist at all in their systems), so the students whose high schools do use +/- would be put at a disadvantage if plus and minus grades were assigned different values in the recalculation. I'm also speculating that the adcoms don't want to have to do so much number crunching :P</p>

<p>If it says "B" on your transcript, they'll count it as a B. If it says "92", then they'll count it as an A.</p>

<p>sorry i've been haven't been here for a while but thanks for your help!</p>