Wordle Today - No Spoilers Please

The hottest new game on the internet right now is one created as a result of a love story.


How did you do today? (I can’t seem to get lower than 5 guesses)

Wordle 207 5/6



I’m addicted. Wish that there was more than one per day. I got it in 3 today.


I just started playing, and I’m having fun! Took me 5 tries today, though.

4 tries today, my record is 2!


I have only been playing 3 days, but I’m hooked! Today was harder for me than the other two - it took me 5 compared to 3 on the other days. It’s my new morning addiction, for sure.

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Been playing for a week - got it in three tries twice. Today was harder.

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I’ve been playing for a few days; here are my stats:

This is my third day. Got it in four.

This link allows you to play as often as you like:

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Got today’s in 4. I’ve played 3 days and have one 5 and two 4’s. Definitely hooked!

Yay—got it on 3rd try—1st letter was right on 1st try was big help. Got 2 correct letters in wrong spots on 2nd.

I’m addicted to it! I did the worst today.

Another fun game to get hooked on! Today was only my second day with this game. Got it in 3 yesterday, 4 today. Reminded me a lot of mastermind.

I am not generally great at word games but this one I like! Wasnt going to do it today until saw this thread!
Wordle 207 3/6



1st timer 6/6 today. I guess better than not getting it


Yesterday got it in 3. Today took all 6.

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I just discovered this 3 days ago, and I have one day 3 and two days 4. But can someone explain something to me? There’s an option for “hard mode” and it says “Any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses”. Why wouldn’t you use any revealed hints in subsequent guesses? You know the letters are there. Is there some strategy I’m missing? Or does “revealed hints” refer to something other than the green and yellow letters?

My husband got it in two the first time he ever played! Gloated too.

I got today’s in four. Probably shoulda gotten it in three.


@CCAdminMike thanks for posting the back story link. That’s a really sweet story.

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I got it in four today. Love it.