Wordle Today - No Spoilers Please

Wordle 210 4/6


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Eek! I have the huge image issue too!

ETA: I think I fixed it. @123Mom123, I’ll PM you a screenshot of what I did.


You are the best!!! Many thanks!!!

Please share how you are posting your color-box results here. I can share my results via text or email. Do you send it to yourself and then screen-shot?
Got today’s in four. Took me far longer than it should have, however.

I just copy and pasted.

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Click share. Then click copy text. Then paste here.

Wordle 1655 4/6


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Wordle 210 3/6



My best so far :grinning:
(Got a bit lucky)

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To see if commonly used letters are there. I always play a specific word first to root out vowels. My second guess, unless the first somehow makes it obvious is to root out “Wheel of fortune constants….rsltn. That’s how many players get it in 3.

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Doesn’t that come up as “not in word list”?

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I believe maya means a word with as many of those letters as possible. For example, “stern”. If not, I would ask the same question as you!

Yes. That’s what I mean. I use a word like that even though the first vowel intensive word I use makes it clear that the second word isn’t really possible.

I liked the suggestion upthread to start with adieu and storm. There have been lots of great starter word tips here!

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I’m “adieu” and then “rants” or “rents”

I’m adieu and story to catch that pesky y.


I think I am really going to regret reading this thread.

I guess I’m an outlier but I have more fun starting with a random word that pops into my head, rather than the same word every day. Sometimes my hunch pays off and I get a 3, sometimes not and I get a 5 (so far that’s the range. Knock on wood.) The first day I played it I went in knowing nothing about strategy, and the word that popped into my head was “query”. The correct answer was “queen”. (Maybe it was the other way around.) Anyway, it’s a fun diversion. Funny that in the last week, it just seemed to explode into everyone’s radar.


4 today, but I’m learning from these posts!

I prefer to learn consonants. I’ve tried adieu but there are just to many consonants to use with known vowels. I have two words that encompass ten different letters that are the most used letters. I have a third word if needed that is also 5 different letters. I’ve been doing randoms and my guesses of 2,3 and 4 added together are more than my 5 guesses. But my 5 guesses is the most in my bar graph. Still have some 6 guesses also.


If not many vowels from adieu, I do stony instead of storm. Doing random Wordles and a lot of “y’s.”

Just made it with “bylaw”!

Easy today.
Wordle 211 3/6