Working for parents counts as employment?

<p>Does working for your parent count as employment? Should it be listed under jobs held on the common app? How does this get included?</p>

<p>Apparently for tax purposes yes. But I don't think it should be listed on the commonapp unless they own like a business and you worked for them....don't put like oh I typed stuff for them or oh I did their taxes...actually mention the taxes thing.</p>

<p>actually mention the taxes thing.</p>

<p>^ what does this mean? and if the parent does own the business, how should it be listed?</p>

<p>just put whatever your job description is (like a waiter if you wait tables, cashier, etc.). they don't need to know whether your boss was your dad or not and i don't think they care.</p>

<p>what about if ur parents are dentists, and u helped them in their office, like helping them b4 and after they saw the patients?? and gave them sterile supplies and etc.?</p>

<p>Employment in a family business is still employment. Don't hide the facts, and don't overelaborate. What you've described could be summarized as, for example, "Office Assistant, 2005-2006. Office of Luck Sr., DDS. Organized patient files, refilled medical supplies."</p>

<p>oo..ok...thanks midwesterner!!</p>

<p>OP: Your PARENTS can deduct any "wages" paid to you for any reason as a "business expense" and as for YOU, if you earn below a certain amount, you don't even have to file taxes. It's a pretty little-known tax shelter. Don't have your parents do it, I wouldn't want them getting an audit because of me. Consult a tax professional.</p>