Worried about chances at top 20 schools...

<p>My GC told me that she was including my grade 9 marks, which are none too flattering...however, since I'm a senior in Quebec (13-year program, meaning that grade 9 was five grades ago), I'm hoping that these marks will be disregarded (or my upward trend viewed positively).</p>

<p>Canadian Male
GPA: Nice upward trend. Also, don't forget that the Canadian grading system is tougher than in the U.S.
Grade 9--78%
Grade 10--85%
Grade 11--87%
Grade 12--90%
Grade 13--Will be 91-92% for the first semester (assuming I don't bomb any final papers, which I'm trying hard not to do).</p>

<p>Course load: 5/6 honours this semester, 11/14 honours last year.
Class rank: 9 out of 76 in small honours program within large public, top 6% overall in school.</p>

<p>SAT I: 800 CR/760M/710W
SAT II: Range of about 730-770 on Math IIC, 720-760 on Literature. </p>

<p>ECs: Newspaper Editor and writer (4 yrs.), Lit. Journal Editor (3 yrs.), Battle of Bands Organizer (2 yrs.), Intercity Hockey Asst. Coach (2 yrs.), bass and guitar (5 yrs), Quiz Team (2 yrs.)</p>

<p>Awards: Public Speaking Finalist, English Valedictorian nominee.</p>

<p>Recs are superb, essays are pretty darned good (according to friends, teachers and GC).</p>

<p>I've applied to Penn ED and Chicago EA, and am looking at UC-Berkeley (pre-business/Haas), Princeton, NYU-Stern, Columbia, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Williams, Amherst and Swarthmore for RD.</p>

<p>I think applying to Chicago EA while doing Penn ED is in violation of Penn's ED contract... might wanna check that out...</p>

<p>I'm no genius when it comes to chances, but it looks like you have good chances everywhere, ivies will be hard though... (EC's on the low-side for them)</p>

<p>It's not in violation; I've checked. </p>

<p>Chicago isn't SCEA, so I can decline their acceptance if Penn accepts me.</p>

<p>It doesn't violate Chicago's... but it violates Penn's.</p>

<p>Not true, you're fine. As long as it's non-binding admissions and not SCEA, you're good to apply...best of luck!</p>


<p>UCB: Match (out of state)</p>

<p>I know I'm fine...I don't know why Tawny keeps insisting that I'm in violation of Penn's policy.</p>

<p>Anyways, will my grades be seen as a good upward trend or a bad freshman year that will ruin me?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I forgot to add Stanford to my list (love their Econ/Math).</p>

<p>geez i wasnt "insisting" dont get so mad...</p>

<p>usually ED contracts dont let yoou apply elsewhere EA...</p>



<p>Present Prospect High School, Mt.Prospect, IL. Expected June 2006
• GPA: 5.48/5.0, Honor Roll
• Ranked 3 in class of 548
• Currently taking 3 college level classes – attained 2 college course credits sophomore year

<p>10/05-Current Advanced Placement Psychology Project Effective Solutions for Stress Management of Students
• Conducted Literature review and surveyed 40 students to assess the sources of stress
• Tailored effective solutions for student victims of stress
• Completed a report to senior administration outlining findings and proposing solutions</p>

<p>6/05-8/05 Public Health – Flu Shot Distribution
• Canvassed 125 communities and documented demographic health data
• Generated comprehensive spreadsheet for frequency analysis

<p>7/05-Current Apna Ghar (Our Home): Women’s Domestic Violence Center, Chicago, IL
• Mobilized supporters in Step Out to Stop Abuse walk to create domestic violence awareness
• Counseled battered women in an effort to enhance their dignity and self-respect
• Underwent rigorous 40 hour training session and became state mandated reporter</p>

<p>7/04-Current Hospital Volunteering Park Ridge, IL
• Gained familiarity with lab environment and received hands-on experience with patients
• Rotated through various specialties and facilitated communication between labs and patients
• Expanded on past experience with over 50 hours of patient interaction and lab activities</p>

<p>6/03-Current Faith Based Volunteer, Rolling Meadows, IL
• Assisted in contacting 500+ donors to successfully raise 500,000 dollars
• Consolidated a list of past donors and orchestrated an operation thanking them
• Streamlined fundraising system and revamped outdated communication techniques

<p>6/05 - Current Model United Nations, Mt. Prospect, IL<br>
• Founded school Chapter and successfully catered to the needs of a diverse student body
• Responsible for registering 30 students for world-famous University of Chicago conference
• Presided over club and communicated with Universities sponsoring conferences across the nation</p>

<p>7/05-Current Science Olympiad, Mt. Prospect, IL
• Contributing member of varsity team and initiated various team-building activities
• Honed ability to perform under pressure by utilizing critical thinking skills</p>

<p>7/05-Current Junior Leader, Mt. Prospect, IL
• Nominated by teachers to solve school related problems and to implement solutions
• Coordinated barbeque and other social events with The Mooring Retirement Home
• Delegated $10,000 from funds to an alumni who was paralyzed in a tragic accident

<p>6/02-current Volleyball, Mt. Prospect, IL
• Led team to 42 career wins vs. 3 losses at Junior Varsity level
• 1st Place at Knights Invite Tournament consisting of over 15 teams</p>

<p>6/02 - 10/05 Football, Mt. Prospect, IL
• Led team to 27 career wins vs. 4 losses at Varsity Level
• Completed three month Navy Seal Conditioning Program
• Learned to cope with asthma in order to compete at a level above teammates
Quit two months ago do to personal reasons....team went on to win state championship</p>


<p>• Achieved Honor Roll for four consecutive semesters
• Received Little Engine That Could Football Award to exemplify bravery, honor, and integrity
• One of few Debate team members to win Speaking Award at first competition
• Chosen to represent events in Science Olympiad that have a legacy of success
• Winner of Civil Service Award and Literature Award</p>

<p>What the hell...?</p>

<p>Make your own damn thread.</p>

<p>And tawny, all ED contracts let you APPLY EA elsewhere as long as you promise to matriculate at your ED school.</p>

<p>Sorry about that ill figure out how to make a thread.</p>

<p>Tawny, I agree with you. Jpps you seem like a prick so I hope you stay in Canada. PS a 78% sucks, I don't care what country you are in.</p>

<p>grades are too low for most those schools</p>

<p>yeah, your grades are way too low... look at schools like USC</p>

<p>What? How can you agree with someone who is wrong? LOL</p>

<p>And if you think his grades suck, check his rank. He's in a competitive honors high school and he's almost top 10%...that's pretty impressive. In fact, since he's in such a competitive environment he's the top 10% of a class of kids who are in the top 10%. I wouldn't worry about your Freshman year...if your rank includes those low grades, I'm pretty impressed by your academic performance and upward trend.</p>

<p>You have great SATs and great ECs...in my opinion, you will get in to PENN ED.</p>

<p>PS: Ignore these losers. You go to a tough school and your in the top of your class...you have no worries</p>

<p>Ahhh not quite bongo. He is top 6% at his school, it said clearly in his post. And, an upward trend to a whopping A- average is nothing to run home about.</p>

<p>Canadian schools are much harder than U.S., Bs there are equivalents to As here.</p>

<p>^^^ Canada's curriculum is apparently tougher than the US, but I have to say, he is quite abrasive.</p>

<p>10 bucks says this kid gets rejected</p>

<p>"I wouldn't worry about your Freshman year...if your rank includes those low grades, I'm pretty impressed by your academic performance and upward trend." </p>

<p>My rank only includes grades 11-13. However, my GC's letter indicates that in terms of "important" classes from grade 9 (math, English, French, History), I rank in the top 5-10%...it was only later that I learned the importance of applying myself in every class.</p>