Would anybody be willing to chance a girl w/ a big dream?

<p>Hi! I just joined CC. I've been following some of the threads for about a week and decided to post my stats!! (I know, I can hear everybody's groans of another newbie CCer asking to get chanced). I live in arguably the roughest hood in S. LA and have lived a ****ty life, and almost everybody tells me I can't make it to college. Sometimes even I don't think I can do it even though I try to do my best in school. But this counselor says I have good enough grades and scores and encourages me. Anyways, if I do end up applying, I'd apply to some UC schools and maybe even Stanford..a girl can dream right? (:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8 unweighted
ACT: 35 (still surprised how I did it. I just found out the highest score is a 36!!)
My school offers no AP classes, but I "self-studied" for two (American History and English) and I got 5s (the highest #) on both
Class rank: Top 5%
Work: 2 years at local McDonalds
ECs: [I'm lacking very poorly here compared to many other fellow applicants, but I can't commit to much as I don't have time and I got to work to help support my family]
3-yr. honor roll, also elected president of Latino Student Union for next year. Ran one year of varsity track junior year and got "All-State" honors for my performances at CIF state meet
Hooks/Special circumstances: first generation student, Latina (hispanic), very low income (below poverty line)</p>

<p>And also wondering, let's say if I do apply and possibly get accepted, do I have a shot at financial assistance or scholarships?<br>
Thank you in advance for any help or advice. I'm truly grateful and I really appreciate it! (</p>

<p>I must say, your story is very admirable :) I don't do chancing very often, but I must say you are a promising individual. You seem very bright, motivated, and hardworking. I can't guarantee anything, but I like your chances.</p>

<p>I don't want to chance you, as I don't think I have the insight too, but in regards to your question about financial aid, at top universities you would probably get a generous package considering your conditions. Most schools will do as much as they can in order for you to afford to attend, especially with some of your impressive stats.</p>

<p>"Hooks/Special circumstances: first generation student, Latina (hispanic), very low income (below poverty line)"</p>

<p>this+your scores and gpa=any school you want</p>

<p>apply to stanford, youll have a great chance. slightly unfortunately for you, being hispanic wont help for the UC's due to some laws, but you will still probably get into berkeley/la/any other cal school</p>

<p>"this+your scores and gpa=any school you want"</p>

<p>Not true. Though if you can write amazing essays you have a shot at Stanford, and I'd say good chance for the UCs.</p>