Would You Say The Longer The Wait The Less Likely Its A Yes?

<p>My niece who I adore has her heart and soul set on Michigan! She was deferred back in early Dec. She has been writing, sending in everything possible to them to update them, etc..........she still hasn't heard anything other than they have what they need. As time marches on,do you think that it is less likely she will get accepted? Both her parents work a lot and she doesn't have a great support system and I think she really has her hopes up and is putting all her eggs in one basket, she was here for dinner last night and I tried to break it to her gently that it may not happen only because of so much I have seen this year, and she woudlnt' hear of it!
What do you think? Is most of the incoming class filled? Are they accepting new students every day still? I hope so for her as I know she wants it so badly but I am indeed concerned as to how devastated she will be if she doesn't I think she needs to open her eyes to other schools. Would love to hear your two cents. I am not too familiar with how things work at Michigan.</p>


<p>Ctmom: It has been a long while since any acceptances have been posted on the UMich thread....Those students who were deferred in December are supposed to hear back by mid April....please don't tell me she hasn't applied elsewhere; help her love other schools....</p>

<p>yes she did not to as many schools as most suggested, and she has gotten in to two safties, and is waiting word on three other colleges. So we will see......I guess mid April is when it will be. I have heard though of other previuosly deferred kids getting in recently hence my post.

<p>I don't think it's necessarily bad that she hasn't heard, there are simply a tremendous amount of applicants and deferrals this year. Hope it all turns out well, and please get back to us when the decision comes!</p>

<p>ctmom: after I posted, my d called down to me from her room that a friend who had been deferred in December just got in; it was her 1st choice and she was thrilled, but more importantly, of all the kids in our hs who were deferred, she had the weakest stats...Me thinkin' that deomonstrated interest off the deferral may really mean something!!! Good Luck to your niece!!!</p>

<p>This is worse than USC (given all it's confusion about the status). UofM deferred a bunch of kids in Dec -- when I called the admissions office, they told me that no decisions on defered kids are going to be made till mid april. But then they seem to releasing them in bits and pieces like your example above. </p>

<p>Not to compare schools as I know each one has their own constraints. However, I wish more schools will do what UIUC did -- i know some may not agree with me. The gave a date (and time) and stuck to it (to the minute I might add).</p>

<p>I don't know if this applies, but USC actually accepts the majority of their class during its last wave of decisions. I hope Michigan is the same but rumor has it that Michigan already filled up 70% of their 2012 class by the end of January.</p>

<p>CUPLSDAD: Hi Again! "This is worse than USC (given all it's confusion about the status)."</p>

<p>That's sooo funny; when they were complaining over at the USC thread, I told them about the UMich debacle.....It gets even better; at our school we now have students with MUCH lower stats who have applied RD accepted while the whole lot of deferred from December still wait.....USC is a cakewalk compared to that.....</p>

<p>Hi Rodney - You know I was thinking that also. Sounds like UofM did admit a number of students with lower stats than the EA students who were deferred -- obviously this is anecdotal evidence. </p>

<p>Maybe students for class of 2013 should do some detailed analysis on this before deciding whether to apply to EA or not.</p>

<p>Last number I heard was ~9,000 acceptances have been sent out for a class of ~5500. </p>

<p>I would guess theres still another 2k+ acceptances still to be sent out</p>

<p>i talked to a girl who is a senior there now and she said that the longer you wait to submit your application, the less likely it is for you to be accepted because they have fewer spots...</p>