WPI Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

ED1 and EA1. EA1 coming out a whole month earlier!


EA1 decisions this early are unexpected.

WPI announced ED1 and EA decision on 12/14 or 12/15 last year.

Being test-blind, GPA/Rank/Rigor plays a big role in admissions. Not sure if that would allow them to process applications faster?

On a side note, according to CDS, 56% of admitted had 4.0 GPA.


wpi is out! Son in with 22K per year merit. He applied EA. No email yet but portal is updated.
Stats - 00S
3.99 unweighted, 5.6 weighted
11 AP classes
average EC.


Ditto! S22 is in with Presidential Scholarship of 22K/year!!!


S22 is in (Early Action) with $21k Presidential Scholarship!

For future years’ applicants checking out this thread, his stats:
GPA: 3.85 uw, 4.15 w
APs: 7 AP courses by end of senior year
Attended Operation Catapult (Rose-Hulman) this past summer
EC’s: STEM teaching for elementary/middle school students (both volunteer, and summer job), robotics
From California
Intended major: CS


D is in with $22k presidential scholarship.


Deferred. Expected as UW GPA is 3.7 and WPI is test-blind.

Daughter accepted with $30k per year of scholarships!


Same here.
Applied EA, my DS was deferred.

Test-blind does not work for the students who attend a competitive HS.
SAT 1510 (M770 E740). There are many 1600 at his HS.
2 APs last year, 5 APs this year.
In State,
UW GPA 3.7
No Scholarship is needed.

Based on his HS statistics, he was expected to be accepted. Sad…

I know. By April with UCs and other decisions, not sure how he will react even if he is accepted.

Congratulations! Is that more than one scholarship? That is fantastic.

S22 accepted! It’s nice to know the Net Price at the same time as acceptance. Never visited WPI - we’re planning an on campus tour in Feb.


Does anyone know how to negotiate the financial package? I get accepted with $27k per year scholarships, but it doesn’t meet my previously expected net price.

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Accepted. 20k Presidential Scholarship.
GPA 3.98, WGPA 4.73
SAT 1460 (M 790, EBRW 670)
5 APs
EC’s: 100 hrs community service, club sports.
PLTW Engineering, 5 courses
Engineering Summer Program, Johns Hopkins University.
International Student, Hispanic.


See you over on the Rose-Hulman early action thread as well. Congrats to your son!

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Nice!! Thank you and congratulations!

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