Writing SAT II What do you do? (I busted a rhyme)

<p>So I obviously need to take the SAT II Writing. How is it divided up? Sections? Time? Sample Prompts? Good Websites?</p>

<p>20 minutes essay
40 minutes multiple choice (but you can go back to the essay if you're finished early, or move on to the multiple choice if you finish the essay early)</p>

<p>The multiple choice has three parts.
--Identify the error (with underlined words or phrases in each sentence where you pick out the wrong one, or mark E for nothing wrong)
--Fix a sentence in a paragraph (again, underlined sentence in paragraph, you pick choices to fix or leave it)
--Edit an essay (move stuff around, change sentences, etc.)</p>

<p>You get subscores for the essay and multiple choice. Sample prompts for the essay are things like "Passion is needed to bring about change" "Imperfection is interesting" etc. </p>

<p>Barrons and Kaplan have good books. Sparknotes has pretty realistic tests.</p>