<p>how many w's do you think is "too much" in terms of adcoms. do you think 2 is okay? i have one from fall quarter and MAYBE i'll take one from this quarter...i know it's bad to have em spread out but i'd take a W over a B any day</p>

<p>its fine, no one cares, especially in the UCs, i have 19w's i got into ucla.</p>

<p>Malishka, outside of the UC system, Ws can be a pretty big deal.</p>

<p>For a UC, 2 Ws won't make any difference. I had 6, and I didn't even bother trying to explain them.</p>

<p>wow 19 w's..how the heck did that happen!?</p>

<p>I have 8, and it seems that those 8 have had no effect on my admissions to UC's and CSU's. I'm sure at private universities, it would be a different story. 4 of them was because my mother became very ill, and I had to drop out a semester and start working fulltime (spring 04). Are you a Native American??? LMAO</p>

<p>i read McChowder's posts and i laugh, or i hold it in cuz i dont want people to think i'm weird... </p>

<p>i know someone who got into UCLA with a 3.1 and 3 Ws in the Fall of 2005. She finished 1 class/3 units in one semester.</p>

<p>All together I have 9 Ws, plus 1 grade of No Credit for a nontransferrable. in addition, I had a W in a required math class which I dropped in the Fall of 2005... which might be a reason why I didnt hear from schools like UCI until April 26 which made March-April 26 nervewracking... all in all, i got into Cal, LA, SD, Irvine and CSULB as a Poli Sci transfer. So I guess within the public universities, Ws dont really impact the decisions admission.</p>

<p>i have 3 W's within the last 2 years and they REALLY screwed me over. this is coming from someone that didn't apply to the UC's. i totally regret the W's and i should've just settled with B's. i'm seriously never gonna drop a class ever again.</p>

<p>cja, what do u think is so funny? i'm confused</p>

<p>bearclaw, native american</p>

<p>geez, nevermind</p>

<p>oh, i forgot i said that. thought u was laughing cuz i said my mother was sick, so i had to work fulltime. I was gonna say, dman u r sadistic.</p>

<p>nah, no one should ever talk about another person's mama.. that's just plain wrong.</p>

<p>i hope everything's okay though..</p>