Wu for stats

<p>Did anyone take Yingnian Wu for stats100a? How was the class?</p>

<p>Really easy grader.
Learned nothing from the class.
I thought the class was a bit too disorganized, but I know other students loved professor Wu.</p>

<p>Thanks:). Say do you know the grade break down?</p>

<p>ask this type of question in the Bar, that's why it's there!</p>

<p>You have been warned, next offense and you'll be banned for a day. Keep it up and you'll be permanently banned.</p>

<p>Pick-A-Prof has him at 63% A's.</p>

<p>Homework was 40% of the grade, which was assigned whenever he felt like it. I think it was 20% midterm, which we got to vote on the date we take it. 40% final.</p>

<p>Wow, that sounds easy! lol. Hey, if you still have them, can you send me pics of your midterm and final in that class?</p>