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I can’t find it and will contact them but for Utah what majors are eligible for WUE? Appreciate any other information that we need to know for WUE since this is first going into college

See if this link works

WUE Savings Finder - WICHE

Then you have to go school by school.

Or what’s better is on the left hand side, they have the major. So for example, if you clicked architecture, the list goes from 112 to 16 schools and then you can see the schools that offer the major you want.

A lot of the majors sounds similar so you might play around with that section.

Good luck.

I don’t see anything at The U that isn’t available for WUE exchange tuition. Engineering/CS is usually the first to go. What do you want to major in?


Sometimes it’s better to forgo WUE at Utah anyway. If you stay over the first summer, spending 12 consecutive months in UT, you convert to in state. It’s about a wash with WUE, unless you get a scholarship or plan to stay in Utah for professional school, like Medicine, Nursing, etc.

My son for example had first year fees waived. Had he gone to Utah (which he almost did), he would have paid no tuition and fees first year, followed by three years of UT in state.

That’s my understanding too. I don’t think that there are necessarily any hard limits on numbers either (because there has been a big push to get more OOS attendees), for 2021-22 applicants were told that you just needed a 3.0 UW GPA, although I’m not sure that applied to literally everyone (I believe home schoolers also needed an SAT/ACT).

Some majors only offer direct admit to a few students and the rest need to meet a GPA cutoff in certain courses to declare the major.

The trade offs of getting residency vs WUE have moved slightly in favor of WUE the last few years because of a higher OOS surcharge the first year (you then have to consider the WUE restrictions including a 3.0 GPA minimum and strict 8 semester maximum against paying the ~$20K upfront instead of ~$5K per year WUE surcharge).

However if you get merit then you’ll be expected to take the residency route as that is more cost effective. For merit you need close to a 4.0UW and a strong high school course load (full IB or lots of APs), last year SAT/ACT wasn’t considered, this year it is an option to submit but you’ll still need a strong courseload.

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Funny. My first response was about Utah. Then I thought they were saying they were from Utah. So I provided the wue list but you can click on the school.

I’d say Utah owes the CC a commission. Those that know of it rave about it.

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The 3.0 for WUE at Utah is a minimum and it is considered a merit based scholarship. It appears from the parent page that it was more competitive for the 2025 class than one previous years.

Indeed, WUE is competitive at most schools. The bar at most is relatively low, but not guaranteed anywhere. Awards can be more generous than 1.5X instate tuition too, depending on the student.

Wyoming has the Brown and Gold instead of the WUE. At the highest level, the student would pay 150% of instate tuition (which is very low) but you can still get a partial award if you don’t have the top grades and scores. Also, don’t have to live in a WUE state, just be from out of state.


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