Yale Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

How did you conclude that I’d attempted to belittle the accomplishments of the other student? I just made a comparison. That’s it. Is the remark “Asian American boy” offensive as well?

My D is actually applying regular decision, not EA to Yale, but I dropped by this board to get a preview of what was coming (yikes!).

The term Asian American boy is not usually viewed as offensive (unless talking about an adult, perhaps). But if you’re not familiar already, the other posters pointed out that the term “boy” when denigrating a Black male is a loaded one and yes, can be very hurtful. I don’t think you meant to use it that way and were just trying to describe the student since you believe his race and gender are helping his admissions chances, but the history of the term is fraught with racist overtones (see, eg, Court finally says ‘boy’ comments are racist).

I understand it’s frustrating when students with stats that don’t seem as good as your kid’s seem to have an advantage in admissions. There may be other kids at your son’s school who also have other hooks that, unlike race, are not visibly obvious. Your son may have non-academic advantages you don’t realize but the admissions officer sees in his EC’s, his essays or LORs, etc. So I don’t, and probably no one on CC, knows what “racial advantage” the other student has over your son’s academics, if any.

We should all be hopeful, but maybe not “confident” when admissions rates are so low and every year so many super qualified students are rejected. And there’s no reason both your son and the other kid couldn’t be accepted, it’s not a zero sum game just between those two, so please try not to encourage your son to think the other student is taking anything that is rightfully his.

I haven’t actually read through it, but the thread on Race in Admissions may be where you want to discuss this more? "Race" in College Applications FAQ & Discussion 12

Your son sounds like he’s a great applicant and if not Yale I’m sure will get into another great school for him. Good luck!


very well put!

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Thank you so much for your comments. It helps me a lot for clarifying my points. I definitely had no idea about the word “boy” having other implications for black males. I am not a native English-speaking person. I didn’t have any intentions to denigrate this student either. I think grade/course rigor are/should be the foundation in college admissions for non-donor/athletic or regular applicants. Race/ethnicity plays a much less important role in most universities’ applications except the most selective schools such as Yale. Affirmative Action is existing. The selective colleges manifestly stated that they consider race as a factor in their enrollment process. I just mentioned a fact no matter whoever likes it or not. But you cannot say it is not there.

My son’s best friend is a Mexican American in his class, who is a QuestBridge finalist and ranked Yale in the match round. He didn’t get matched, which didn’t surprise me since his class rank is lower than top 10%. Therefore, even though he is a low-income, first-gen, URM applicant, his chance of getting into Yale seems low since he hasn’t got interviewed. Speaking gender in college application, male is not an advantage, especially for Yale which has female/male ratio of 55:45, and neither for engineering majors which are my son’s interests.

I probably should have used “hopeful” instead “confident” in my last thread. As I said, English is not my first language. I knew my kid’s chance is not that huge to let me feel confident. I agree with you that it’s not a positive thinking to blame others for taking anything from you even though you think others are less qualified than you. Colleges need diversity. Applicants from different races are placed in the different pools. I understand that. I just feel a little uneasy since it’s close to Dec. 15. I hope I will settle down a little bit after I hear the result no matter whatever it is.

Thank you again and good luck for your daughter’s applications.


QuestBridge Match results. 81 QuestBridge Scholars to join the class of 2026 - Yale Daily News


are questbridge numbers included in the 7313 early applicants?

I believe QuestBridge Match is separate.

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will decisions be released the 15th?

the applicant portal says decisions will be released on the 15th

This is not about affirmative action, it’s about education. Part of that is the environment created by the student body. Many top school value diversity of achievements as well as cultural background. Even dealing with achievements, different students can excel in different ways. Your child certainly seems to have excelled in some areas, but don’t dismiss another student’s potential admission as “affirmative action.” Top colleges see so many more students that are qualified than they can admit. They will select for a variety of reasons – diversity in achievements, interests, culture, skills etc among them. I don’t think anything good comes from trying define another student by your priorities. Just to the best you can for your child, hope for the best and add safeties!


Random question: I was selected as an alternate for the US Senate Youth Program (2 delegates and 2 alternatives per state). Given that the USSYP is pretty competitive, do you think it warrants an update to Yale adcom even though decision day is like 5 days away? Thanks!

That’s okay if you wish to.

Daughter applied single early action but did not get interview request. Assuming this means she will not be accepted? Or hopefully just deferred to RD?

I wouldn’t assume this. It could go either way (deferral, accept, or reject). They did mention how availability plays a role and also they interviewed applicants they needed more information from.

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I’m applying from Shanghai too. Which school do you attend?

Per my son’s school (domestic), it’s pretty sure that this year Yale interviews are based on the qualifications of applicants.

Do you mean then I’m correct to assume that since she did not get an interview request, it is not a good sign? We are from outside NYC where I’m sure the pool of alumni and applicants is quite high.

You are not correct and you can make no such assumption.

Don’t conflate number of alumni with number of interviewers. Most alumni don’t interview.


yeah thats incorrect

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It says in bold on Yale’s website:

During the 2021-2022 admissions cycle, all interviews will be conducted virtually. Because of limited virtual interviewing capacity, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will prioritize interviews for students for whom the Admissions Committee needs more information. Interviews will remain optional, and students who do not receive an interview will not be disadvantaged.

This makes me think that this year things are different and if you do not receive an interview request that you should not worry.

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