You know you wanna help! ;)

<p>Chance a HYPOTHETICAL student for Columbia and Princeton.</p>

<p>Suppose in this magical, hypothetical world only senior year first semester grades are available to these colleges and that this student's grades are decent (ex: pretty good work...made fantastic progress...only wish we heard more from them in class...")</p>

AP: U.S. History (3), Aeneid (4)
EC: In a band (1 yr) , Chorus (4 yrs), Voice (1 yr), Dance (2 yrs- 1 modern, 1 african), Ceramics (3 yrs), Photography (2 yrs), Founded a non-profit and participated in it's functioning (1 yr), Created and run my own website and business (1 yr).</p>

<p>Say this kid has decent recommendations and essays. </p>

<p>What are these kids chances?</p>

<p>my school doesn't offer ap/honors classes, hence on 2 APs</p>