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Difference/Distinction between Corps of Cadets Branches/Units

K5hackerK5hacker 13 replies5 threads Junior Member
What is the difference/distinction between Corps of Cadets Branches, AROTS, MROTC,NROTC and AFROTC?
Activites,programs, is one unit more studious then others, does the Navy swim more then the others, etc? Just wanting general info. Or do they basically all do the same things?
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Replies to: Difference/Distinction between Corps of Cadets Branches/Units

  • addicted2MTaddicted2MT 533 replies6 threads Member
    I am curious about this as well. I hope more Corps parents join this site. It would be nice to have a Corps parent moderating any Corps related threads.
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  • BeaudreauBeaudreau 1162 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I am not a Corps parent, but I did look into the Corps for my TAMU junior. Two major differences come to mind generally between the Corps and the various ROTC programs. The first is that ROTC participants typically qualify for major college scholarships from the respective military branch. Second is that ROTC carries a military service obligation, while the Corps does not. Fewer than one-half of Corps graduates go into the military. http://corps.tamu.edu/

    ROTC is available at most college campuses, while Corp programs like TAMU's are pretty rare. Virginia Tech has something similar and there are a few others. None are as large as TAMU's.
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  • gogogogobruinsgogogogobruins 232 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Each unit has its own distinction. Some are more athletic, some are more academic, some are STEM etc. and each one proud of his/her own unit of course! You can sign up for ROTC as a freshman, get ROTC scholarship and make a commitment to join the military upon graduation. Or you can wait till your junior year to make that commitment. We are encouraging our so. To wait simply because he is considering pursuing a doctorate degree immediately upon graduation. Our son got Corps 21 scholarship and will be joining, so I'll know more first hand this fall. My hubby was in the Corps back in early 80s so we know a little but I'm sure things have changed...
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  • TravisafbTravisafb 30 replies0 threads Junior Member
    24 years in the Air Force... considered the "country club" of the services!
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