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Chance me

Tunnelbear99Tunnelbear99 18 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi! Just wanted some general feedback on my stats.

32 Act
3.51 UW GPA
4.60 W GPA out of 6
FFA, Football, 100 hours of CC
Quite rigorous schedule; 6 APs and everything else preap. However, I got 3 high cs in Sophomore year from depression after best friend passed away.
Interested in Geoscience and attended the camp this year for it. Shown lots of interest in school and my dad is an alum.

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  • Tunnelbear99Tunnelbear99 18 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Also, I am 2q so I’m review admit.
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  • rosegeorosegeo 165 replies5 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    It is so hard to say with being a review applicant. I would advise to make sure your essays are very good, make sure to have them read by others to review them. Might want to discuss your friend and how you overcame your depression to help explain your grades that year.
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  • AggieMomAgainAggieMomAgain 287 replies3 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    You have a fabulous ACT score and overall good grades. Are all of your component scores at or above the Academic Admission threashold? That will be a factor in your favor. Being in the second quarter is a difficult class rank. Please address your depression over the death of your friend and its impact on your grades and how that caused you to be out of the Top 25%. And also explain how you dealt with it and bounced back with your grades. TAMU likes to see that applicants can deal with adverse situations. Showing resiliency and maturity in handling real life situations will be an indicator that you have the potential to thrive as an Aggie. Life isn't perfect, students who haven't ever been tested may not survive the rigor and pace of TAMU classes.

    You may be able to address your friends death in part of your essay(s) or perhaps it can be addressed in one of the Letters of Recomendation from a teacher or religious advisor, coach, boss or someone who truly knows you and saw how that time impacted your life.

    At one point there was a "final question" on the TAMU application where you could address any subject that you felt had not been covered in your essays, LORs etc. Not sure if that question is still there or not, but if it is, PLEASE make sure that you address any issues that kept you out of the Automatic Admissions groupl There was a word limit but it still gave applicants a chance to explain any special circumstances.

    My daughter (applied for Fall 2017, will be TAMU Class of 2021) included a short explanation of a serious concussion that she experienced as an 8th grader in the Final Quesstion. She didn't want to, but I insisted as it helped to explain why she was in the 53% of her HS class with a 1250 SAT, 3.5 UW gpa/~4.7 W gpa. The recovery process from the concussion impacted her grades in her Freshman and Sophomore HS years and also set her back a year in the Math track as she had to drop out of Algebra I after the concussion. She was offered TAMU Blinn-TEAM, for Fall 2017, which turned out great for her.

    I would think that with your ACT score that you could receive an offer of Full Admit if you address why you are not in the Top 25% of your HS class. Also make sure that your essays and Letters of Recommendation are specific to you, from people who know you personally and can address how you will be able to thrive at TAMU.

    But addmissions to TAMU are getting so competitive, much, much harder each year as so many students apply for limited spots in the Freshman class. If you get offered Blinn-TEAM, then please accept it. It is a great program! Blinn-TEAM students are full Aggies except they cannot play an NCAA sport for TAMU and have to take some classes at the Rellis campus and some at the TAMU campus.

    Have you scheduled an official tour of TAMU? If you can schedule one on a regular class day, you may also be able to make an appointment with an advisor in your major and also sit in on a class. TAMU does keep track of which students make an official visit. Our daughter visited TAMU in Sept 2016, meeting with an advisor and sitting in on a class along with an offical campus tour, just before she applied and perhaps that was also a factor in her favor. There are a huge number of applicants to TAMU, please maximize your effort to show your enthusiasum to be an Aggie.

    Good luck, keep us posted! :)
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 1629 replies2 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Totally agree with @Aggiemomagain Definitely address the tragedy your incurred and how it affected you. Do not feel guilty. Losing your friend is real and has shaped you over the past 2 years. You have overcome and are able to succeed. You are obviously smart with that 32 ACT(well done). I too believe you will receive full admit into that major. Play to your strengths, accept any weakness and own your ability.

    Best of luck to you and truly sorry for your loss. Please keep us posted on acceptance.
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  • Thelma2Thelma2 2547 replies48 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    @Tunnelbear99 You are about to begin your Jr year in the fall. It is not your turn to apply yet. You have another cycle to go to the end of your Jr year. Your rank at the end of this year is when it matters.
    FWIW, second quarter is always a crap shoot, even with great standardized test scores and from a competitive high school.
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 1629 replies2 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    @Thelma2 I must have missed that. They just finished sophomore year???? If so, impressive act for a rising junior.
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 1629 replies2 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    @Thelma2 I see what you’re saying... took me a couple of times to realize they are rising senior. The Cs were just in sophomore year. I think I’m reading that right.
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  • Thelma2Thelma2 2547 replies48 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    As of March 8, 2019, Tunnelbear99 identifies as a current sophomore. That would make a coming Junior fall 2019.
    "Tunnelbear99 17 replies 1 discussions Registered User Posts: 18 Junior Member
    Friday 03-08-2019 at 8:03 am "Hello everyone. Current sophomore. I have a few questions. What would be a good test score to aim for if I wind up with a 2q rank? Also, when they assign quartile rank, do they factor in test scores with it too? I got a 29 on the ACT this year and think I could do a lot better. I go to an extremely competitive school where top 25% is 4.86, and I will finish with around a 4.65"
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  • Tunnelbear99Tunnelbear99 18 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Yup that’s right. I’m just trying to see where I am for now, and predicting my rank pretty much. I did retest my act and got the 32. I just want a general view pretty much. Thanks for all of the input everyone, and the condolences
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  • Thelma2Thelma2 2547 replies48 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Is there anyway to find out from your school counselor exactly where you stand in terms of what # you are out of how many?
    Though the odds are not in your favor if you were a 2Q applicant. For admissions 2018-2019, 92% of admissions was in the top 25%. 63% were in the top 10%. 99% were in the top half of their class, so 7% of admissions came from 2Q. 1% came from bottom half.
    24,494 people were offered admission
    11,123 people enrolled
    36,423 applied.
    2019-2020 was has reported over 10K more applications than 2018-2019 with the majority being Top 10% and Academic Admits. We saw a lot of applicants who ordinarily would have received admission in the past or at least Blinn Team, be offered PSA and they were not low caliber applicants. So it boils down to that many great students who are out of the top 10% and academic admit range are not offered admission. Not because they aren't good students but there just are not enough spaces in the freshman class for as many applications as they receive. You shouldn't have a problem being accepted to any public university elsewhere in the state (except UT).
    The preliminary results for last cycle won't be out until Nov.
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