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Housing Advantage?

4Family44Family4 15 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I'm curious why auto and academic admit applicants make a housing deposit so quickly upon hearing of acceptance (i.e., in September). Does TAMU have dorms that are more favorable to students and they fill up long before holistic decisions and regular college decision day in May?
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Replies to: Housing Advantage?

  • nukerulesnukerules 6 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    The first to sign the housing contract get an earlier time stamp to select housing in the Spring. So, the review admits, regardless of how earlier they submit their applications, get cheated. I personally think it's unfair because it seems that the review admits will have no chance at getting into some of the more sought-after dorms, even if they submitted their applications on July 1. I know other rolling admission Universities use the application date for assigning the time stamp.
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 1798 replies3 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    It’s been said and not sure of the truth behind this, but everyone, regardless of acceptance date, has same priority if you put down your deposit within 30 days of being admitted. I did see this with my son his year. He got in in December and his friend in September. They had the same housing day and time. Other friend was in February, the last round and got the next day bright and early. There was less than 24 hours between them. So... I think it’s pretty random and most end up with a great freshman year dorm life experience.
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  • SybyllaSybylla 3812 replies48 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    There is a big range in cost of housing at TAMU, not all kids want or can have the most expensive, there are plenty of kids who would prefer to pay sub 2k . A double in one area is twice what a double is in another. That really helps distribute the housing. Sought after is nuanced.
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