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I Messed Up

LearningExp575LearningExp575 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hi all, I'm very much new to this forum and I neep help, I believe I've failed as parent to give guidance to my child throught out his senior year about college admissions.
I'm not familiar with the education system after highschool and it seems he has hit a roadblock, his goal was to go to blinn college in order to transfer over to Texas A&M pursuing a career in Computer Science, except he didn't know of the TEAM(maybe different name) program in place at the time and now it's too late.
He is panicking since he filled his fasfa form for only blinn and he now isn't sure if any of his basic classes will transfer to Texas A&M,he is relatively smart being top 7% of his class and scoring a 27 on his ACT but he is naive, and in truth I'm learning from his experience since he is my first born child.
Now he is stressing on wether he could still go to blinn or wether he should seek classes that are transferable from Lonestar(they are cheaper).
I feel for him, but I'm working my hardest trying to understand what exactly is going on. A few hours ago he asked me if he should wait a semester to reapply but I'm not sure what to think of it. I'd like to hear your opinions and wether there's anything he could do, it would mean the world.

*This is a repost
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Replies to: I Messed Up

  • TexasMTDadTexasMTDad 336 replies0 threads Member
    If he's a 2020 HS senior, I don't think he can get into Blinn TEAM. It is my understanding that TEAM is only available to TAMU applicants who were barely short of full admission. I do not believe that there is a route to be in TEAM without a TAMU application. Sorry. I do believe, however, that Blinn works closely with TAMU and suspect that any credits he takes at Blinn will transfer to TAMU. Not a guarantee that he can transfer, though.
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  • BlueBayouAZBlueBayouAZ 627 replies13 threads Member
    @LearningExp575 - I do think you have terminology messed up. Blinn TEAM is an admission decision reached through the regular TAMU application process. It is not something you apply to. The same is true of the alternative admission decision of engineering at Blinn Bryan and Engineering at Galveston.

    But there are also engineering academies that you can apply directly to.
    https://engineering.tamu.edu/academics/academies/index.html and I also believe you can apply directly to Galvestion.

    In his situation - it really seems like he needs to explore the academies.

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  • currenteaglecurrenteagle 25 replies1 threads Junior Member
    engineering academy application doesnt close till end of june. Tell him to apply to the one at blinn brenham! the admission process is very easy. Also theres engineering academies at other community colleges all over texas. He would be making a very good decision going this route
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 2459 replies4 threads Senior Member
    And these academies are a direct route into TAMU sophomore year if he meets all of the requirements... just like any kid at Blinn in Bryan or freshman at TAMU main campus. I do think that Galveston application process closed in March but with the year being the way it is, they could have extended it. Would be the same route as an academy though at this point.
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