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Chances at Texas A&M Biomedical Engineering

AliBaba8958AliBaba8958 2 replies6 threads New Member
Hello, I am going into my senior year of high school, and I was wondering what my chances of getting into biomedical engineering at Texas A&M are, here are my stats:|

1440 SAT - 770 Math - 670 Verbal
3.69 GPA

AP Classes Taken:
AP World History
AP Environmental Science
AP US History
AP Physics 1
AP Art History
AP Language and Comp

Planning to take Senior Year:
AP Literature
AP Government
AP Economics
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB

Student Council Member - Sophomore Year
Founded a Club - Sophomore Year
Volunteered 50 hours at local hospice - sophomore year
Competed in DECA - Junior Year
HOSA Member - Junior Year
Completed Clinical Rotations at local hospital and shadowed different healthcare workers - Junior Year
Accepted into many different camps and programs at local hospitals around my area, however all of them were cancelled due to COVID-19
NHS - Senior Year
EMT Certification - Senior Year

Please give me your honest thoughts on my chances of getting in
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Replies to: Chances at Texas A&M Biomedical Engineering

  • AliBaba8958AliBaba8958 2 replies6 threads New Member
    I would like to add that I am not in the top 10% of my graduating class, however I am in the top 25%. I do not know my actual rank because my school does not rank out of top 10%
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  • AggieMomhelpAggieMomhelp 2389 replies4 threads Senior Member
    @AliBaba8958 I think you have an excellent chance. Your math scores are amazing and they really look at that for eng. admissions. Also, your ECs and course rigor are good. These are weird times for sure, so it's good you are ahead of the game.

    Please note that TAMU admits into general engineering as a freshman. You'll need a 3.75 in your first year and apply ETAM (entry to a major) to be guaranteed your first choice. There are certain course requirements freshman year as well that must be completed in order to move into the ETAM process at the end of freshman year.

    Best of luck. Work hard and enjoy your senior year.
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  • EggscapgoatsEggscapgoats 133 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @AliBaba8958 Great job! I concur with the above.

    If your school offers AP Chemistry, I strongly encourage you to take it. It will allow you to build a strong foundation in chemistry, which you will appreciate when taking chemistry at college.
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