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A&M Questions

heyitsnatalieheyitsnatalie User Awaiting Email Confirmation 1 replies9 threads New Member
edited November 2007 in Texas A&M University
I would greatly appreciate an answer to any of the following questions. They are mostly directed towards current students but anyone who has an answer is more than welcome.

1. Is the college's social life centered mostly around frats & sororities? I don't wish to be a part of one but i dont want to be a social outcast because of it.

2. How safe is the campus?

3. If you have been to fish camp, what was it like and would you recommend it?

4. I have always heard bad things about the admissions process, is that really the case for everyone?

5. I know drinking is an issue at every college but will i still have fun at A&M if i decide not to drink?

6. I have heard that A&M is really clique-y. Is it difficult to make new friends because everyone sticks together with their old highschool friends?

7. After freshman year do most students move out of the dorms? & is housing off campus decent?

8. How available and helpful are the the professors overall? & how big are class sizes usually?

9. I have been there on football weekends and aggie saturday where everyone always says "howdy" and sticks to all the aggie traditions...is it really like that on a normal weekday with students just walking around the campus?

and lastly 10. I have been to a&m numerous times and know all the traditions (which i love) and have been to the dixie chicken and all those places in that area...but besides those, is there really that much else to do in college station/brian?

I know it's a hassle but if you could answer even just 1 of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. & if you have anything else to add feel free. (:
edited November 2007
3 replies
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Replies to: A&M Questions

  • wemelwemel 285 replies23 threads Member
    An answer to just a few:

    1. Definately not Greek oriented. You will be fine if you don't join one.
    2. Campus is very safe.
    5. You don't have to drink to have fun or to be accepted.
    6. You will make plenty of friends.
    7. Some people stay in dorms all 4-5 years. Off campus housing is plentiful.
    8. Honors classes are small. Regular classes can be huge.
    9. People say "Howdy" all the time.
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  • Hi-PowerHi-Power 167 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Texas A&M is pretty far away from being Greek oriented. I don't think I even knew anyone in a frat or sorority while I was there. If you visited the campus you'll see why: it feels like such a big family that we don't really have a need for the Greek system.

    The campus is probably the safest that I know of.

    If you put effort into your school work you shouldn't have a problem getting into A&M.

    There's plenty of people at A&M who don't drink.

    As far as being cliquish, yes, to an extent, but NO WHERE near as bad as smaller (less than 10,000), regional public schools. High school cliques do carry over because A&M has so many majors that people with different academic backgrounds can still attend the school. The admission process doesn't really break up the cliques so to speak. There's 46,000+ students here so you will make friends.

    The regional universities that have a bunch of local kids attending are way more cliquish than A&M.

    There's plenty of good living at A&M, more so than many schools. But avoid living in Bryan.

    If you want one-on-one relationships with the professors, you generally won't find it at A&M. You'll be in study groups more than anything.

    You won't get bored in College Station.
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  • relientrrelientr 119 replies5 threads Junior Member

    Wow... that's a lot of questions, but I'll try my best...

    1. Greek life is definitely not as big a deal as it is at some other universities (like Baylor), but they have a presence. Like almost everything else, people are welcoming but not overbearing. Almost all the Greeks I know are very nice people. I have never been involved in a sorority, and have not felt left out or like I missed out on the college experience. There are plenty of other ways to make friends: dorms, class, organizations (there are about 900 registered student orgs), and just randomly around campus.

    2. Campus is incredibly safe. I've done a lot of things that, looking back on them, were probably not that smart, but did not have a problem. Like leaving my laptop and backpack sitting somewhere while I left to get something. And leaving food and drink unattended before coming back to them. And running alone late at night. Let it be known: those were pretty dumb things to do and should be avoided. But my point still stands: A&M is ridiculously safe. And if you still don't feel comfortable, you can always call a corps escort to walk you somewhere.

    3. I didn't go, but most people seem to like it. I went with some incoming Aggies to Italy instead.

    4. Could you be more specific? What are you referring to?

    5. I never drank, and had a whole lot of fun. Correction- am still having a whole lot of fun. It's not that big a deal.

    6. People keep saying that on the other thread, but I frankly don't know where in the world they get that. You can walk up to anyone and start up a conversation, and end up hanging out together later. I came with several friends with high school, but I very rarely see them because we all found so many people to hang out with. I agree with whoever said that the only problem is that you don't have time for all the people that you meet. If you're worried about making friends, just live on campus and join a club. It'll happen naturally. :-)

    7. I lived on campus for two years and am living off campus now. I loved both- they each have their perks. I would recommend on-campus housing for freshman though.

    8. My experience has been really good, but it may be abnormal as far as class sizes go. Right now I have two large classes, one of about 30, two with 15-20 people, and one with 5 other people. The intro classes are bigger, but when you get into upper levels they get significantly smaller. Profs also give back what you put in. If you never go talk to them, obviously your relationship won't be that good. But stay after class to ask questions a couple of times and maybe go to office hours and pretty soon they'll know you by name. I've eaten at multiple profs houses, feel comfortable asking their opinion on different things, and just generally enjoy knowing them. It's up to you.

    9. There is not as much on a day to day basis (adrenaline just isn't that high), but it really is like that. You frequently walk by people doing their wildcats or pushups for pulling out (long explanation... ask a tour guide :-) ). Tonight is Silver Taps, too. And at any time, just look lost and 3 people will come up to you asking if you need directions. I just generally enjoy the atmosphere.

    10. I'm from Houston, so I've always had a lot to do. College Station maybe doesn't have some things, like a laser tag place (sad...lol), but I never get bored. The big things are all here, and you'll probably spend most of your time just hanging out with friends anyway.

    I hope that helped some!
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