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What do you like about A&M? .. college station?

UcMichiganUcMichigan 425 replies72 threads Member
edited February 2008 in Texas A&M University
Hi guys I've been accepted recently, and this is my backup school if I don't get into UT. I was kinda wondering what you guys like about the school.. and the city. How is it academically? are the facilities nice? is the city OK? best dorms? etc.

edited February 2008
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Replies to: What do you like about A&M? .. college station?

  • bandnerd91321bandnerd91321 381 replies15 threads Member
    Austin and College Station are two VERY different types of towns. You usually love one, hate another. Not necessarily bad either way, depends on your personality. Both schools are top ranked, especially in Engineering. I think the best dorms are the Modulars, you get your own bathroom!
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  • PremedPenguinPremedPenguin 50 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I'm a freshman at A&M, and I'm absolutely in love with this place; it's amazing. I think what I like best about A&M is that the students have this wonderful camaraderie known as the Aggie spirit. It's very hard to describe, but if you've visited, you've probably felt it to some degree. (I highly recommend visiting both schools you're considering if at all possible. I really disliked both A&M and UT until my dad made me visit them. Then, I liked both.) Another thing I really like about A&M is that if there's a problem, usually the university or the students or somebody has engineered a really great solution to it, because we're huge in math/science/engineering. There's a lot of creative energy just floating around.
    About College Station: many people don't like it. But I came from a town of 5200, so College Station is just fine for me. Besides, I don't spend that much time off campus because I'm in school or studying most of the time. College Station is basically a small town with lots of restaurants and stores. The traffic can get bad due to construction, but I don't go off campus that much anyway.
    Academically, A&M is amazing in the sciences, not so much in liberal arts. I was shocked at the level of academic rigor (and prestige, in science) we have; I thought this was a mediocre state school! I have learned since I got here that A&M is way more prestigious than I knew, and that we're only set to climb in the rankings due to wise decisions from the top.
    The facilities are also very nice. There's a lot of construction, both on campus and off. Classrooms are good: whiteboards, projectors, lots of chairs and tables, et cetera. The Student Recreation Center is great, with a rock wall, indoor running track, indoor and outdoor pools, lots of courts and equipment for a wide variety of sports, plus weight rooms and machine rooms. I go there a lot. Evans Library and its adjoining study annex are big enough for everyone, even during finals week. The computer labs are occasionally crowded, but you can nearly always find an empty computer. Our on-campus dining program is privately run, so it's very responsive to the students' desires. You can get nearly anything you want to eat on campus. It's not five-star dining, but it's pretty good.
    Northgate (the local bar and restaurant district) is right across the street. If there's not something there you like, there are more restaurants a little farther into town. I've heard that Northgate is nowhere near as good as Austin's equivalent, but I don't know that. (I didn't come to college to get drunk anyway, so it doesn't matter to me.)
    I agree with bandnerd; modular are the best by far if you can afford it. Right now, I'm living in Lechner, the freshman honors dorm. I can't say enough about how awesome it is living in close contact with a bunch of really smart, nice people. We're all freshmen and all on scholarship, so we're all in the same boat and we have a total blast together.
    The dorms here are divided roughly into Northside and Southside. The two have something of a rivalry, but both have upsides and drawbacks. Northside is where Lechner and Clements, the honors halls, are, so it's a bit more studious and less wild than Southside. It's close to Northgate and to a lot of the classrooms. Southside is supposed to be more laidback. Paradoxically, that's where the Corps lives. But you don't have to be in the Corps to live there.
    If you're not aware of the traditions of A&M, you definitely need to take them into account because they're part of life here. Most schools have traditions, but at A&M we have lots of traditions, and we keep them. All of them. Not everyone at A&M is into all that, but I love the traditions and the Aggie spirit. Here are some websites about the Aggie traditions:
    Aggie Traditions at Texas A&M University
    Traditions of Texas A&M University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you have any more questions, let me know! I love living here and think that it's an unspoken truth that this is the most wonderful place on earth.
    God bless you as you make this important decision, and I wish you best of luck whatever you choose!
    Thanks and gig 'em!
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  • worried_momworried_mom 2157 replies48 threads Senior Member
    You definitely really need to do more research on these two schools. UT and A&M could not be more different, and the rivalry between the two is intense. And Austin and College Station are completely different too. As bandnerd has pointed out, if you like one, you'll probably dislike the other.
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  • Groenveld9Groenveld9 1462 replies33 threads Senior Member
    i think it's perfectly feasible to like both towns
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  • UcMichiganUcMichigan 425 replies72 threads Member
    hey thanks you guys. I'll definately visit both before I make my decision.

    and thanks premedpen. I do have one question though.. kinda random, but do you see a lot of asians there? lol I'm asian, so I was just wondering.
    oh, and are there any malls? cuz usually I know a lot of people just like going to malls to hang out and stuff. Or.. where do most people hang out at?

    Also, is it easy to get to know your teachers? cuz I know the class size are usually huge..
    ooh and last one, how is your dorm? the lechner one. I'm probably going to go to honors.. not sure though.

    This is a pretty tough decision just cause I hear that people are really friendly in Aggieland =P
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  • UcMichiganUcMichigan 425 replies72 threads Member
    Oh and how's the premed program?
    I'm thinking about majoring in nutritional sciences and going to med school =]
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  • westsidewolf1989westsidewolf1989 1165 replies86 threads Senior Member
    A&M sucks dont go there if you arent white you will feel out of place.
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  • josh1712josh1712 20 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you westsideworlf1989....that's what I was concerned about...I've been accepted into honors, but I have not heard good things from African-Americans.
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  • josh1712josh1712 20 replies2 threads New Member
    Oh and the dorms are awful...they really need to update!
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  • yuccayucca 951 replies20 threads Member
    Racist prevails in this country,you will still have this problem if you go to another school other than howard.
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  • CantTouchThisCantTouchThis 156 replies10 threads Junior Member
    see but by making these rascist comments about a&m they are being prejudice.....but its really not that bad and their is alot of asians in the engineering department.......and the medical isnt as good as UT's but its okay.....good luck to u
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