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Chances as an engineering transfer applicant?

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Hey guys,

I have been searching for an answer to my question but I could not find one. I will be applying for admission to the engineering school in january for next fall. Any help is appreciated, but if there are any engineering transfer applicants who got in, could you list your GPA and coursework you had? Here is a brief backround of myself:

Unfortunantly, I didnt care much about high school until senior year. I took my SAT and ACT at the end of my sophmore year just to basically say I took it. I got a 1050 combined for Math and Reading for my SAT. My ACT was a 22 with a 23 in Math. I know if I would have taken it early in my senior year I could have made a heck of a better score on both tests. I don't know if they look at your SAT and ACT grades if your transfering but I included them incase. For some reason I snapped into school mode for the first time my senior year. I made straight A's in all my classes including some AP. If they do look at high school transcripts, I hope they look at how I have come to my senses senior year.

Alright, now for my college info. I am bascially working my tail off trying to make up for lost ground in high school. Before I graduated high school, I enrolled in a local CC to take a minimester in history. Throughout the summer I took my english and the other history. This fall I am currently taking calculus I, General Chem I, Sociology, Technical Writing, and Music Appreciation. By time of the application opening for fall transfers, I will have 26 credits of transferable work in my degree track (I think minimum is 24).

This is where it gets a bit confusing. My credits havent all been taken at one CC, due to schedule conflicts. So there are 9 credits (english, tech writing, sociology) from HCC and the 17 credits (calculus, chem, history 1&2, music appreciation) from Cy-fair college. Cy-fair college is apart of the A&M TAPP program, I dont know if that helps. I hope taking courses at different CC's doesnt hurt me.

To put it simple, I have a 4.0 GPA @ Cy-fair and a 3.7 GPA @ HCC. (Would be a 4.0 if my english prof didnt give me an 89.25, no im not kidding, he showed me the avg lol jerk ;)) I am also going to be taking Calc 2, Chem 2, Physics Mechanics, and GOVT next semester at Cy-fair.

I hoping that if I write a good essay, I shouldnt be too scared about being denied. I don't know though because engineering is tough to get into because its based on spots available.

Thanks all for your help!
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