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review admits - how long to hear back

MikeWozowskiMikeWozowski 3084 replies151 threads Senior Member
edited September 2009 in Texas A&M University
my DD is just one point shy on the ACT for an academic admit. i think she should just go ahead and apply now.

how long does it take to hear back on a review admit?
edited September 2009
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Replies to: review admits - how long to hear back

  • gxgal7gxgal7 270 replies2 threads Junior Member
    First question is, can she retake the ACT to get that one more point? It won't hurt her at all to go ahead and submit the application. If she does retake the ACT and subsequently becomes an academic admit, you can let the admission department know and they will then treat her application accordingly.

    Review admits can hear their admission decision any time from soon after they submit their application to May of their senior year. The majority of review admits don't hear until Spring, but there are still plenty of review students that hear sooner. There is no tangible way to discern why some review admits get admitted sooner than others.
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  • klparker312klparker312 954 replies16 threads Member
    my review admit daughter applied on November 26th last year and received her admit letter around the first week in January. She was 2 pts shy of the ACT academic admit.
    I think it also depends on which college she is applying to - some respond more quickly - so if all her ducks are in a row - she has made her college visit, etc - her essays are good - I'd tell her to send in the application asap.
    After visiting the campus on that day before Thanksgiving, visiting her 1st choice college, taking the tour - visiting with an admissions counselor, we kept hearing
    "maybe you will get an early Christmas present" ...
    It didn't happen before Christmas, but soon after the 1st of the year.
    It is a nice place to be - admission to your first choice college for your last semester of High School. :)
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  • MikeWozowskiMikeWozowski 3084 replies151 threads Senior Member
    she is signed up for the next act, so yeah, she can take it again. sad thing is she has taken it three times and had the same score all three times!! she will go up in one (this time up 6 points in reading alone) and then drop a couple in a couple of the other sections.

    i have been telling her to get that app finished and turned in asap, but she is dragging her feet. i guess she was hoping for that one extra ACT point, but it didn't happen. : (

    we are not sure if it is her first choice college, but it is one of the top choices ... so i guess she needs to get busy and get that app in!!!

    i have a question about the app. do we have to fill out the fin aid part? or can we do that later. i don't expect any need based aid at all. and i dont expect any merit based aid (from a&m) either. should we just skip that part??
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  • AllThisIsNewToMeAllThisIsNewToMe 2037 replies256 threads Senior Member
    Last year twin daughters of a friends of mine turned their forms in the week before Thanksgiving. One heard back the first week of December and the other heard right before Christmas. Their test scores were not great, but they had great EC's and demonstrated interest. I don't think your daughter has to rush.

    We said 'not expecting financial aid' on that form, but then it kept asking us financial questions that were tricky (just because they didn't give any context for questions like 'how much have you saved?'). At first I was neurotically trying to give the exact answers... eventually it wore me down and I was throwing out estimates. We will definitely not qualify for aid. I don't understand why it kept badgering us!
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