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Texas A&M vs Texas

longhornaggielonghornaggie Registered User Posts: 34 New Member
edited April 2010 in Texas A&M University
I am a high school senior currently deciding between these two schools. I hear a lot about Texas' prestige and their nationally recognized programs, and it seems as if their computer science (my intended major) department is amazing.

However, through this site, other research and campus visits, I have begun doubting the University of Texas as my top choice. Though they have outstanding academics, student life seems to revolve around the Greeks and partying- or, on the other hand, minorities who are dedicated to schoolwork.

I have been told by several "Old Armies" that Texas A&M has the strongest former student bond in the state. Aggie students seem much more down-to-earth and friendly. Academics are not quite on the same tier as UT, but they come close.

What is everyone's opinion on which school I should choose?
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Replies to: Texas A&M vs Texas

  • jrt336jrt336 Registered User Posts: 1,044 Senior Member
    They're both good schools. Pick the one where you feel most comfortable.
  • polcatpolcat Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    Do a campus visit, I was always sure I was going to go to UT since I was young but now I am at A&M. Both are different schools in very different towns. If you don't like whichever school you choose you can always transfer after the first year.
  • polcatpolcat Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    Just realized you said you already did a campus visit, go to the one you feel you would be happiest at and don't choose it off of which has the better sports team (I almost did that). Both schools are great schools academically.
  • aGGieENGiNeeRaGGieENGiNeeR Registered User Posts: 961 Member
    Technically, UT and TAMU are at the same tier academically. If you are comparing based on a minimal difference in US News rank then sure your assertion is valid. But I will say that it is a mistake to base your decision souly off of that. There are so many other aspects of a school that make it great. Academically, you are getting just as good of an education either way. I had a similar experience as polcat. I was FOR SURE I was going to UT until I visited the both campuses and realized that TAMU was the better fit all the way around.
  • XcelleratorXcellerator Registered User Posts: 1,678 Senior Member
    The atmospheres of both schools are very different. If you don't like traditions and want more fun while having a good education, then go to UT. If not, go to A&M, you'll still get a good education. The computer science program is very strong at UT. A&M's is just a notch below. You are very lucky to have the luxury to choose between two good schools, unlike me lol. :( After almost a year here at A&M, I am transferring to UT (or another school), because I feel the opportunities here are very limited for what I want to do. And plus, this is College Station. -_-
  • klparker312klparker312 Registered User Posts: 970 Member
    "The atmospheres of both schools are very different. If you don't like traditions and want more fun while having a good education, then go to UT. If not, go to A&M, you'll still get a good education."

    My daughter is loving and having fun at A&M :) and has Traditions to boot!
  • liu02bhsliu02bhs - Posts: 657 Member
    Both schools have good reputation within Texas. UT’s CS program is a few notches better than A&M’s. However, UT is more renowned nationally despite similar USNWR rankings. The two school’s have very different atmospheres. College Station has a rural setting, and from what I hear not much to do outside of school. Austin, while still have a college town feel near campus, has a much more urban setting. It has a lot to offer in terms of art, music, and culture. Another huge difference is that A&M is a conservative school, but UT is a liberal school.

    If you are not into the partying/Greek themes, you do not have to participate. There are so many students at UT, there are going to be people with similar interests and goals as you.
  • SWTCATSWTCAT Registered User Posts: 854 Member
    Actually the greek population at UT is very small percentage wise compared to the student body..as it is at TAMU.
  • pierrechnpierrechn - Posts: 1,505 Senior Member
    both schools are great, i would go to UT, but then again i like A&M too
  • jw232jw232 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm a junior computer engineering major at A&M, so I probably sound biased when I say you should pick A&M. Rankings aren't everything. I'm actually from California, and wanted to go to a top-tier university there, but my parents made me go to A&M because they gave me a huge scholarship. I soon stopped feeling that "I should've gone to a better school" and am enjoying my time at A&M.
  • longhornaggielonghornaggie Registered User Posts: 34 New Member
    JW, that's great! I'm looking at a computer science major- could you tell me a little more about it?
  • pierrechnpierrechn - Posts: 1,505 Senior Member
    hey if you dont mind being in a college town then you will like A&M if you want to be in a big city like dallas or houston the UT Austin is the way to go. You will get a great education at either because they both are the Top public schools in Texas
  • jw232jw232 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Well, first you'll learn C++ in CS 121. Then you'll learn data structures and algorithms in 221 (also in C++). You'll use Haskell and Java in 314 and X86 assembly in 312. You'll learn about POSIX in 313 (using C/C++). 181 is just a seminar class where you listen to speakers and write papers. 411 is like 221, except it's pure theory and more in-depth. You can find out more about the curriculum here
    Texas A&M University 09-10 Undergraduate Catalog
    TAMU Computer Science and Engineering :: Computer Science Program
  • RollingRolling Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    I narrowed my choice down between UT and A&M. I picked A&M. If I had to do it again, honestly, I would have chose neither.

    I had some really damn good friends at A&M, but overall, the student body was just way too sheltered for me. I kind of felt like I was living in Mayberry... for example, a lot of the girls I'd meet had boyfriends, usually the serious, live-in, one-step-away from marriage kind. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I even knew some girls that even got engaged before they were 21. There's a lot of small town kids at A&M, so yeah, you're going to see family-centric values like that. Not knocking on A&M, just wasn't my thing.

    Just not quite what I was looking for... I'd preferred to have more of an actual, stereotypical college experience rather than a stepping stone to another chapter in my life, if that makes any sense. Academically A&M worked great for me though, especially because I cherry picked my professors. I only had two or three really awful profs.

    The campus was friendly, but I think that was more out of pride for the school than anything else. Reason I didn't pick UT was because I've been down there quite a few times (dated a girl who went there) and it's easy for students to get self-absorbed in studying. There's more reasons but it's been so long that I've been there that I forgot why. A&M is also TONS easier to transfer to than UT... UT has some really weird requirements, such as a 60 hour residency requirement and they require some oddball classes which may be difficult to find at a community college.

    Nothing against either school really, just neither of them would have worked out for me. If I had to do it all over again I probably would have aimed for a west coast school or somewhere out-of-state.
  • Vandymom1988Vandymom1988 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Just to throw this out there, my husband went to UT. I went to Vanderbilt University. Both of us want our daughter to go to A&M because the education is equal to where we went and the kids and professors are 100% percent better in character overall. It is obvious 20 years out how much better of an overall experience those who go to A&M have.
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