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College acceptance

RistosmomRistosmom 16 replies3 threads New Member
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Like so many others I have too have "lurked around" for the last two and a half years on CC. Read and reread both musical and straight theater forums on a daily basis. I have learned a wealth of knowledge and taken volumes of notes. My son applied to 9 colleges for acting and had all the materials in by October 22nd. Since then he has one of the BAs accept him and three of the BFAs have accepted him academically. We have heard nothing from the remaining schools. Now to the question. Do some schools not tell you anything until after the auditions? What I mean by this is not even academic acceptance?
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  • alwaysamomalwaysamom 12281 replies217 threads Senior Member
    Do some schools not tell you anything until after the auditions? What I mean by this is not even academic acceptance?

    Yes. Some schools do not do a separate academic acceptance. In fact, probably most of the schools that are discussed often here on CC will not be notifying applicants until around April 1.
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  • snapdragonflysnapdragonfly 610 replies36 threads Member
    That is odd, because of the 15 or so schools my D has applied to, many have accepted her academically and the program is a completely separate process.

    But, less than a dozen schools is hardly a representative sample. :-) The schools that have accepted her academically so far are medium sized state schools, large state schools, and smallish LAC's. She has not applied to any of the really big name private schools back East so they might tend to do it differently than here.

    I can't even remember where we are with all of them though, we need to follow up this Monday and see if anyone is lacking transcripts or something. I know two schools are waiting on records, for sure, as they contacted us about it.

    I would call the schools and simply ask them how it works if I were you. They all seem to do things their own way and I have found it unwise to assume one school does it like another one! There seems to generally be about 3 or so different types of policies and procedures that you keep running across but you can't possibly guess which one any particular school adheres to.
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  • RistosmomRistosmom 16 replies3 threads New Member
    Thank you both for replying. I guess we'll just play the waiting game. Since my son is my one and only this has been a real experience for both of us. Best of luck to all going through this process!!!
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  • MichaelNKatMichaelNKat 4250 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Rolling admissions, modified rolling admissions, mass notifications between March 15 and April 1, separate academic and program notifications, unified notifications, it can be all over the place depending on the schools to which you apply. Best bet is to look at each school's website; they usually have info on the notification/acceptance timing. As a generalized observation, state schools are often rolling (particularly as to academic acceptance decisions made by the admissions office) and private colleges wait until around April 1. Exceptions, of course, abound! Good luck and hang in there.
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