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stick to your strengths, or stretch?

rachelmonsterrachelmonster 2 replies5 threads New Member
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(sorry for the alliteration...I couldn't help myself)

So, I am a senior applying to 5 audition schools and (obviously) practicing/working on my monologues. (I feel/know/think I am way behind schedule but that is NOT the point of this post so unless you disagree with me and want to comfort me, please don't comment on it :))

My question is: should I stick to using my strongest natural quality (my voice) and not try to force stuff I have difficulty with (physicality)? Like, is it okay to have none of my pieces be too physical because so far that's not something I'm good at as an actor, or does that show that I'm not trying/not good at it and instead I should work really hard on the physical stuff and risk it being crappy and/or forced-looking?

I don't want bad physicality to be my downfall at these auditions, but at the same time I don't want to do what I think is really good work, just consistently not very physical, and lose out because of that second part.

I hope this is clear! Thanks!
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5 replies
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Replies to: stick to your strengths, or stretch?

  • taintedxl0vetaintedxl0ve 82 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I think it's more important to show your strengths and with that, as much physical movement as you're comfortable with. If a lot of movement is not natural and you feel awkward doing it, it will be obvious. It also depends on the monologue though. I think as long as you have some movement in your monologues and you're not just standing there the entire time, it should be okay. I'm also a senior getting ready to audition for MT and Acting programs, so these are just my thoughts as I rehearse and I could be wrong.
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  • SDonCCSDonCC 2324 replies49 threads Senior Member
    I would do what you feel most comfortable doing and what plays to your strengths. There is a phenomenal thread entitled "Audition Advice" on the MT majors thread. I don't know how to copy that link here; but that is what it's called.
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  • rachelmonsterrachelmonster 2 replies5 threads New Member
    Okay, thank you! That is what I really wanted to know-- play to my strengths, or cater to what I assume colleges want? (in an ideal world those would be exactly the same, but this is reality...)
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  • originalho2originalho2 7 replies1 threads New Member
    "To play your strengths, or attempt to stretch yourself in physicality?" I assume is the question. I would actually say the answer is somewhat in between the two. I would imagine that you would have chosen a monologue that caters to your strengths already so i would imagine you wouldn't have to worry about playing strengths. To your physicality part, the main question I would ask myself is if the character needs to move and how would the character move rather than if I the actor likes to move or not. When it comes down to it, you are taking on a role and if the character moves, I would say move. There are ways to move minimally and at the same time you can get across what you need to convey. Just realize each action you decide has an outcome. Hope this helps you on your journey!
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  • theatregaltheatregal 8 replies0 threads New Member
    I would play your strengths. Most schools want to see where you are RIGHT NOW. They don't want perfectly polished actors: then they would be out of a job!
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