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Theatre Safeties?

kylebelieveskylebelieves 84 replies25 threads Junior Member
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Hi, I'm a high school junior at a performing arts high school in Los Angeles. I'm currently on the prowl for more schools to look at. I've comprised a list of about twenty schools, mostly from a full range of academic status. I'm more looking for a BA, because I'm interested in a French or International Studies/Relations double major/minor. However, I still don't want to comprimise on a strong theatre education. Though I have a lot of schools on my list (which will obviously be narrowed down this summer) I can't seem to find safeties that are the right fit for me. I have about a 3.6 unweighted GPA for freshman and sophomore year (should go up to a 3.7-8 this semester :D). I haven't taken the SAT yet (first time January 22) but I refuse to apply to schools without my superscore being above 2000. I have quite a few extracurriculars as well.

As far as location, I'm very picky. I need to be either in the Northeast or Pacific Northwest. (with the exception of the Bay Area or cities like Chicago or Minneapolis which I love) I would prefer a more urban campus, but there are exceptions. I'm actually not allowed to go to school nearby (according to mother) but I'm really not complaining, I can't stand Los Angeles. As I said before, I'm really more interested in looking at safeties at this point. And again, it MUST be a BA.

Here's a list of schools to give you a feel of what I like:

Brandeis University
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon University
Emerson College
Fordham University
Hampshire College
Marymount Manhattan College
New York University (I know it's a BFA, but you can still double major and it is still highly academically regarded to my knowledge)
Northwestern University
Penn State - University Park
Reed College
San Francisco State University
Sarah Lawrence College
Temple University
University of Illinois - Chicago
University of California - Berkeley
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
University of Washington
Vassar College

Thank you so much for reading this, I know I'm a tad picky but I really don't know where to turn about the safety issue. I would like more than four (SF State, Temple, MMC, UIC) to eventually narrow down from. (The college counselor at my school is the Safety School Goddess)
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Replies to: Theatre Safeties?

  • Gwen FairfaxGwen Fairfax 2380 replies55 threads Senior Member
    You've got a very specific set of wants, without too much specificity yet in what you're offering.... isn't U of Washington a BA, non-auditioned? And UMinn as a BA is not auditioned, so that's a possibility. ( CMU is a BFA where double-majoring would be nearly impossible.) Wouldn't be a safety but American U might interest you as it has great int'l relations offerings plus an auditioned BA...and (I think) a theater arts BA that doesn't require an audition-- and less academically competitive than some here.
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  • KatMTKatMT 4153 replies71 threadsCollege Rep Senior Member
    Muhlenberg it may end up being a safety for you - Muhlenberg College.
    UMass Amherst... part of the five-college consortium with Hampshire - Five Colleges, Incorporated: Home.

    You could also look at University of Maryland - College Park The University of Maryland, and George Mason University Welcome to George Mason University both outside of DC, Suny- New Paltz Welcome to the State University of New York at New Paltz!, Indiana University Indiana University (a little outside of preferred geographical area, maybe?), and James Madison University James Madison University - Home (a little further south... 2 hours south of DC) and an auditioned BA, so maybe not a total safety. Also agree with poster above that American is worth looking at as well, but not necessarily a safety.

    CMU may not be a good fit for your criteria, since it is a conservatory based BFA program, and I do not believe they encourage dual degrees.

    Are you looking for your academic/ artistic safeties to be financial safeties as well?
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  • kylebelieveskylebelieves 84 replies25 threads Junior Member
    Gwen Fairfax - CMU offers this interesting program called the BHA (Bachelors of Humanities and Arts) where you declare two concentrations, one in the College of Fine Arts (mine preferably Theatre Directing) and one in the College of Arts + Sciences. So it's basically the best of both worlds, but you have to be academically AND artistically qualified for it, so it's a definite reach for me.

    KatMT - thank you so much! i'll definitely look into those. financially, i'm not really looking for safeties. My mom has been saving up for my college education since before i was born, and I'm pretty sure we've got at least $30K to start out with. (althought with a $200K education at most of those schools, i'm not sure how great that will be) my stepbrother will also be in college this fall (great for need-based aid), and there are plenty of other scholarships i can easily qualify for (african-american, LGBT, they even offer scholarships for being left handed) so i'm not too worried.
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  • slwalker42slwalker42 54 replies2 threads Junior Member
    UMBC, Towson and Goucher, all in Baltimore, are some you might want to look at. UMBC has good merit aid scholarships, so does Goucher. Towson has a great theatre program, but they're not as good with the merit money.
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