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Best school for Acting/Communications

fhurtadofhurtado Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
edited November 2012 in Theater/Drama Majors
I want to go to a school where I can vigorously pursue acting and communications/media at the same time. Actually, should I even bother with a degree acting? Is it better to just go to a school in LA or NY and pursue acting on the side?

Thanks for your help!
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Replies to: Best school for Acting/Communications

  • StrangeBroStrangeBro Registered User Posts: 366 Member
    Emerson and Columbia College Chicago would be perfect for you, but neither if those schools allow BFAs to double major (most don't). So, fair warning, you'd be getting out with a BA rather than a preprofessional degree.
  • KatMTKatMT College Rep Posts: 4,035 Senior Member
    Students at James Madison University can double major with the School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD) and The School of Theatre & Dance. To do what you are describing you would want to look into the Digital Video program in (SMAD) and the Performance Track in Theatre in the School of Theatre & Dance.
  • Preppy09Preppy09 Registered User Posts: 89 Junior Member
    Boston University has a great College of Communications and College of Fine Arts. However, it would take you at minimum five years, although more than likely six years, to graduate.
  • catlover2catlover2 Registered User Posts: 83 Junior Member
    USC BA in Theater you can double major or do a minor also
  • MomCaresMomCares Registered User Posts: 3,140 Senior Member
    Northwestern University's Theatre department is in their School of Communications, and as I understand it many (maybe most?) students earn a double major in 4 years.
  • wisdomsomehowwisdomsomehow Registered User Posts: 635 Member
    I don't know why it wouldn't be possible to double major with a BA in the School of the Theatre and a BA or whatever in Communications from Annenberg at USC. Both are good schools.
  • kylebelieveskylebelieves Registered User Posts: 109 Junior Member
    Emerson and Columbia Chicago both have BA Acting programs as well. Not sure about CCC but I know people at Emerson who double major and complete their degree in 4 years without issue.
  • ChristinaBarrettChristinaBarrett Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I studied Voice and Ballet here for a year.

    They have prominent programs here and a special, conjoined program, in a new building, in Theater Arts + Mass Communications!


    Theatre Arts + Dance Audition Requirements | College of Music and Fine Arts | Loyola University New Orleans

    It's a very easy school to get into, very open, and reaches out across the globe, why I went. Actually, I went for the Ballet.

    It's small, and the dorms aren't hotels. There's good food around the city, but you need money.
  • stagemumstagemum Registered User Posts: 544 Member
    I did not know that Loyola-Nola had a strong Theater program. I know that it has very good music, especially the music business program. It is adjacent to Tulane, and is in a fun town. New Orleans is not especially strong in traditional theater, but lots of movies are filmed in and around the area.
  • ChristinaBarrettChristinaBarrett Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Major in theater and minor in communications. If asked to chose a course, if you're not ready to chose something specific, chose something more general. Also, if you start when you're older or don't live near campus, you can get an A.A. in theater at a community college first. Where I live, I wanted to get a B.F.A. in film, but I had to have an A.A. in general studies, first. (I did a semester online, unsure why I failed.) Anyway, I know the A.A. in theater gets core courses out of the way. Also, do the B.A. in theater, not the B.F.A., because you'll have more minor elective free space. If you're interested in something like directing, you don't really need a degree, but experience in theater will help. Well, I guess you'd have to be a major to take a directing course. Lots of people take it. You can't really do too much, at once.

    I just changed my mind. I recommend majoring in communications and minoring in theater. Wait. Hey, I guess you could combine a major in film and theater. Well, communications and film are more modern than theater. I grew up with experience in all the arts. I imagine public relations is a more fun major. I just realized film was more about studying scripts. I don't recommend studying disorders nor something like that, though, because I went through it at the start with a major in music education. I got kicked out. I know a lot of people also find outlets in things like graphic arts, when they're older, but I don't really recommend going that route.

    Well, I looked into it more and came to the realization that theater was a lot of history courses and that communications was a lot of technical courses. I guess I recommend getting into a private school and doing a B.A. in communications and getting a minor in theater or just doing a B.A. in communications.

    Loyola has a strong program in theater combined with communications, and its theater program is rooted in technical backstage work, primarily, before acting comes into play. Music is its most prized program or used to be when I looked into it. Its ballet is more casual. Music business might be its biggest program of all, if not most successful.

    If you really want to have fun, major in something like singing and take ballet classes. Take the performance track, so you have less of other classes.

    The most beneficial area I studied was in the Cleveland area, at Baldwin-Wallace College and Conservatory of Music, which is Methodist but has a Catholic chapel|church. Baldwin Wallace University BW by tradition Les Mis - Do You Hear the People Sing - YouTube Baldwin Wallace University Directions to Campus

    I also just looked and found, yea, it's just a lot of history courses. The minor only has 2 performance based courses. True, communications apparently isn't a lot of public speaking training. Also, it's easy to find comedy courses. I think they have some events, too, which must be optional.

    I know there aren't many film acting schools. I'm also very interested in the public life of a celebrity. Apparently, we don't get around, for some reason.

    Also, I see it depends on the school for theater. Why not try film as a minor, if possible, which is usually?

    I see you really want to act. However, the theater minor is not always reliable. You could do it if your school doesn't have film. I mean, it is school, and the communications major is to become a public speaker|talk show host. It's not about practicing it but studying it. I think at the college I went to I mentioned in the Cleveland area, it said it could be preparation to become an actor.

    In this day and age, people like Ellen DeGeneres are more desirable, not sure how to say. I got around meeting people by growing up doing the arts, then trying to get into actors and movies and become an actor (via modeling or small roles, which I didn't do.) I posted online and finally met some people! You could become like Ellen DeGeneres. For example, people like her host famous things, like Steve Irwin, and she's become reknowned for the ride she hosts at Disney World. So, you never know what comes up. communications is just a safe major. I liked music education, but it wasn't considered a fun major. It was more about working, and no one is enthusiastic. There might be some out there who truly enjoy it. I don't really have any desire any longer to be guided in things like public speaking, singing, nor amateur ballet. When looking at animation, I think I want to be an actor and use art to compliment how I look. I don't think I need guidance in acting, but drama sure is fun. So, I'd say we should do communications because all the famous talk show hosts didn't finish a degree in communications before becoming talk show hosts. If you majored in film, it would be more about directing and producing.

    I wish this were my schedule in high school:

    ... I'm finding it hard to chose what to take because I had such good drama teachers. I heard there was a talented art teacher who babied her students, and the girl I knew claimed she didn't really like it. She and the talented music teacher left. I was even sad I wasn't in choir nor band. You can only be in one. I took piano when I was a kid|pre-teen. I also tried cross country, and it put me in shape, 4 days a week. Only 2 years. My friends where I used to live did it after me.

    You know, I also think film could get you in animation, if times and people changed, somehow. Also, Talented Music has community events. Even the regular art classes used to hang up pictures in the community. Talented Theater is pretty crafty, as well, you might say, as for church choir. Every time I meet someone sexy from New Orleans, I stop what I'm doing. 1 or 2 times, it failed me, somehow... It was funny, at my school, the teacher my 2nd year of drama was a straight up, shorter man with black hair and a beard and moustache. It seems like it was a big deal who your music teacher was. I had the music teacher from the main high school at my church my 3rd an 4th year.

    Year 1
    1 - English II - Gifted
    2 - Geometry - Gifted
    3 - World Geography
    4 - Biology I - Honors
    5 - Freshman Orientation | Civics
    6 - Talented Theater I
    7 - Talented Music I - Singing

    Year 2
    1 - English III - Advanced Placement|Gifted
    2 - Advanced Math - Gifted
    3 - Biology II
    4 - Spanish I
    5 - P.E. I
    6 - Talented Theater II
    7 - Talented Music II - Singing

    Year 3
    1 - English IV - Advanced Placement|Gifted
    2 - American History - Advanced Placement|Gifted
    3 - Spanish II
    4 - P.E. II | Health
    5 - Free Enterprise |
    6 - Talented Theater III
    7 - Talented Music III - Singing

    Loyola University New Orleans
    Theater Arts + Mass Communications

    I guess it depends on the college whether you chose to do theater or film. I think it has to be a strong theater school to pick theater. Like this. http://2012bulletin.loyno.edu/sites/2012bulletin.loyno.edu/files/2012-2013-Theatre-Minor-Course-Listing_0.pdf

    Looking back, I regret not being able to take as much art. My only elective my first year was art. I did music and art my 2nd year and won an award but maybe shouldn't have. I won it in advanced drawing. I also took painting. I didn't want to do art 3, which was graphic art and sculpture. Art 4 I believe is independent study and maybe a different title the 1st semester. I believe the talented classes are all the same each year.

    As for after school, I wish I did ballet at the traditional ballet school, which performs in the city. I tried performing in the city in college, but it was different. A lot of people left the program at the college after the hurricane. Also, I know the ballet program ... would have been better if you had a strong foundation. Also, supposedly, you weren't supposed to do theater in college because it wasn't as social. I used to watch theater on TV a few times and saw some things made at the college year, one featuring a young girl white very light hair and dark skin. Times were sure different then, 2009 or 2010, too, maybe.

    So, another reason ...

    Hey, if I didn't move, here's what I'd be doing:

    Drama + adding Art if room

    I had quit gymnastics and was benefiting from choir.

    I'm not really even sure if I should have done ballet. I know it's something you do until you're like a teenager, too.

    So, I was thinking maybe theater for a minor, but I don't think so. Not where I live.

    I think my mom put me in gymnastics and ballet. Gymnastics benefited me in different ways, and ballet benefited me at different times. I guss I should have quit and not done it as a teenager. The problem is it did fix my scoliosis, right away, so I stayed in it and don't have any back problems. I know people were still dreaming about ice skating. As for when the internet came out, there was no ballet where I lived, but I did piano and choir. I should have quit piano. There was no choir when I moved, but I joined the adult choir. It wasn't very good, ever. It was nice, though. Kinda. I think the thinking was I'd go back to gymnastics. I think I should have. I did tennis with my brother. It was for him originally, though. I don't know if I'd really want to be a cheerleader, though. I also could have done theater, which made you sing solo. I guess I could have done private voice. Where would I get my exercise? Well, we started out walking around a lot, but I gained weight after awhile. We stopped, and then I gained a lot of weight. It might be from piano. Where I lived, there wasn't much in the way of bike riding. Sometimes, we played tennis, but I wanted to play softball. I was even in the youth group, which wasn't very active nor very fun. Oh, I guess I needed workout DVDs. However, I was only allowed to ride my bike in the pavement by our house. Oh well, I was only 10. I guess I should have taken private voice. That's what my friend did when I was 9 or 10. She was in choir for just a little. I remember she had long hair, not too long, and her mom put a paper clip in it while we were exploring the church. I don't really think I need|want private voice lessons, now. I don't know how, but I got better, as I got along, in choir. Most people don't. I was in it from roughly age 7 - 20. Once, I was in 3 choirs and played in them, as well as band. I even was in band in college. It was really a very good experience doing music in college and studying ballet. I guess one problem was I was a piano major and did organ on the side. They kicked me out of voice, too. They also said I couldn't do piano as my major instrument. I got an A my first semester. I spent so much time on history my 2nd. I failed up north because of history and for some reason didn't get out of it. They withdrew me and flew me home after I got sick and stopped attending class, for some reason. I also already thought my life was set up as an experiment and that I was to enter a new life and be younger. So, I was pretty upset. I had supernatural experiences by that time and was trying to get into Heaven, thinking I had to do something. I didn't hurt anyone. I didn't think the people were real. I thought there were real people and that your parents were God. I couldn't really sing until I got into a better children's choir.

    I guess the big topic was like I did gymnastics because my mom was #1 in Indonesia, and she's Chinese-Indonesian, I think Northeastern and Midnorthern Chinese from 1293 and|or the early 1400s, probably both Northeastern and Midnorthern Chinese. I'm not sure because before I thought it was Midsouthern and Southeastern Chinese. So, anyway, I did gymnastics at age 1 3|4 and wanted to stay. I did it for fun before and looked better then, I think.

    I just realized, I should have quit gymnastics when I was 5, quit ballet when we moved when I was almost 10, quit piano when I was almost 12, and quit choir when we moved. I did try to get in theater when we moved. I'm not sure about my health. I guess I could have done more things when we moved, and we used to walk around a lot. It still kinda bothers me. I got fatter, but I guess ballet makes you skinnier and I should have stayed in ballet before and not been in gymnastics. I wonder if I'd be willing to quit dancing. They had Spanish dancing where we moved. I wish I had fun posting online, maybe some other things. I might have been able to work somewhere. It would probably be easy for me to get hired. People started working at tourist places even when they start high school or maybe the last year of junior high school.

    So, I recommend majoring in communications and minoring in film. I guess if there is no film, then minor in theater or some other hobby like art or music.
  • Georgia GirlGeorgia Girl Registered User Posts: 3,752 Senior Member
    At USC Wallis Annenberg has donated $50 million to build a new complex for the Annenberg School of Communicaton and Journalism. She also donated $10 million for scholarships. The new complex is under construction. An interactive video is on YouTube which takes a viewer on a virtual tour of the new complex. Use the search feature to find "Annenberg School of Communicaton and Journalism".

    The university encourages double majors for those interested.

    The USC School of Dramatic Arts offers both a BFA and BA. The BA program would have more flexibility to complete the double major.
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