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ilikeactingilikeacting 41 replies15 threads Junior Member
Couldn't find lots of info on this..
anyone know how many accepted/attend, about the audition process, and if you are held to the same academic application rigor or do they "dumb it down" a little. Thanks
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  • compadvcompadv 105 replies1 threads Junior Member
    My son is a freshman BFA Acting major at Michigan and he absolutely loves the program so far. They are so many opportunities to perform within the department and the student run "basement arts" theatre. They bring in a lot of outside speakers and have extra optional seminars and activities. They do review your application and resume first then "invite" you to audition but I don't know what their guidelines are. They like a class size of less than 20. However last year they accepted a little over 30 and 27 accepted so they split them into two groups. They were short on boys so the ratio this year is 18 boys and 9 girls.
    My son attended the Chicago Unifieds. He had to write an essay on why he wanted to be in the Michigan program and prepare two contrasting monologues.
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  • ilikeactingilikeacting 41 replies15 threads Junior Member
    what where your son's grades like? Where they of the normal michigan caliber? Thanks! @compadv
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  • compadvcompadv 105 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yes. GPA 3.88. ACT 34. Lots of AP classes. But I am not sure about his classmates so don't let that discourage you. I think they look at everything since you also submit a resume and head shot with the application. I really like the way they do the admissions process..seems like they consider the applicant as a whole instead of mostly the audition. Might be a good idea to call Admissions or the SMTD and talk to them.
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