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No theater experience in undergrad, how to do MFA at top places?

avt5etavt5et 2 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
So basically, I was a premed and did 1st year of med school and then decided I wanted to follow my dreams/passion/goals of being an actor. I have no theater/acting background. But I'm just starting to get involved w/ plays. What's the best approach that I should take to get into the top MFA acting/drama programs?
I live close to DC, so I was thinking of aiming for the 1-yr Honors program at the Theater Lab in DC, and then applying for well-known MFA programs.
Thanks for the input!
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Replies to: No theater experience in undergrad, how to do MFA at top places?

  • CaMom13CaMom13 1816 replies12 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    I don't know much, but I think to be admitted into a top MFA Drama program you already need to be a really good, trainable actor. The path to that goal is not really clear, because you don't become a really good actor overnight and you don't become a really good actor by going to any one particular acting program and, honestly, some people could try their best their whole lives and still not become really good actors.

    Your plan sounds fine but honestly - you can't just plan your way into one of those programs. It's not like an academic school where you can predict admissions by going to the right feeder program and getting the right grades; admission to the MFA programs will be audition based so it'll be up to you to be able to perform. It's actually very difficult and strange how different arts programs admissions are. They might glance at your resume but what they'll want to see is how you do when the spot-light is on.

    IMO, I think once you've got some training you really need to get out there and see if you're competitive. Get out there and audition. Be in school or regional theatre plays, be in student films, be in anything and do anything where you can work at your craft. Get professional feedback on what you need to work on and then go work on those things. With that background and those experiences you'll have some sense for where in the spectrum your talent lies. Because talent and training count as much or more than heartfelt desire. Hopefully after a year or so in school and out acting you'll have some professional contacts and colleagues who can give you advice on how to get into those MFA programs if that is still your goal.
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  • avt5etavt5et 2 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
    Awesome, thank you for your advice!
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  • NYDreammomNYDreammom 304 replies0 postsRegistered User Member
    @avt5et I second the above. None of the kids I know/seen/heard of through D or here not have significant or 'some' acting experience going even into undergrad programs. It's so competitive and there is way more talent than spots. Acting by definition is doing, suggest you continue with hands on training and auditioning before anything else. After all you don't need an MFA to become a successful actor.
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