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Audition Experiences BFA Acting class of 2024

TenaciousCTenaciousC 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
Please share your BFA Acting audition experiences (on campus and at unified auditions) here!
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  • sagezinniasagezinnia 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for starting! We will be in NY, Chicago, and Ohio Unifieds, and some on campus.
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  • TenaciousCTenaciousC 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
    We will also be in NY and Chicago and some on campus. :)
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  • anastasiasmomanastasiasmom 204 replies2 threads Junior Member
    We will be in Chicago and some on campus too.
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  • TenaciousCTenaciousC 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much for all that info!
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  • sagezinniasagezinnia 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    appreciated all the info... my D did have an on campus at Baldwin Wallace, but I didn't go along and it was back in Nov. so don't remember much of what I heard about the day - except believe it was a comfortable atmosphere. They had movement, a tour, an opportunity to ask questions. They were called in to audition in small groups. MT was in a separate building (if they even had them on same day? think they did) BW did respond back with results on time with when they said they would. ... And, same on our end regarding results, not sharing as yet but will try to be helpful as am able... hope folks understand... thanks!
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  • muttsandMTmuttsandMT 144 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @LamaDrama and @TenaciousC , awesome details...thank you so much!

    @TenaciousC , your account is particularly timely for my D...she auditions on campus at UMich soon. Did they give you any idea of how many apply, how many offers they make, and/or the class size they're shooting for? Also, were the MT and Acting kids and/or parents mixed together for any parts of the day? My D has a friend auditioning for MT on the same day she's auditioning for acting and we were just wondering whether they would end up seeing each other or not.

    Again, thanks to you both...this thread is so helpful! I'll have more audition day experiences to write about after next weekend. :)
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  • TenaciousCTenaciousC 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @muttsandMT I'm so glad my post was helpful! I'll try to answer your specific questions.

    U Michigan Acting BFA

    Class size/Admissions:
    Yes, the director gave very specific information about this and will answer questions candidly.
    --they will accept 28-30 kids targeting a yield of 20 (he said about 2/3 accept offers)
    --they will maintain a small waitlist and if you're on it and Michigan is your top choice (ie- you will definitely accept an offer off the waitlist) then you should contact him and let him know
    --I don't remember hearing how many they invite to audition, but everyone who applies is not necessarily invited to audition, so you've made it through a sort of pre-screen already (I want to say I read somewhere they will invite/audition around 400? I don't remember where I read that though)

    And he described the rest of the admissions process in detail as well.
    --they carefully review applicants to choose those they invite to audition, looking at the whole file (they know that applicants also have to pass academic admissions so they look at that initially)
    --they invite students to audition on campus (1/10 was 1st) and at unified auditions
    --Feb 9th they're done auditioning students
    --during auditions they call people in groups, then at the end of each group they discuss all the people they've seen
    --after 2/9 they get together and discuss notes made during auditions, then they all (especially director) look closely at every aspect of the application- essay, film you uploaded, academic record, recommendations, etc. and decide who they'll accept (director said "I've already looked closely at quite a few of them")
    --they forward their list to the UM admissions
    --if UM admissions has an issue with anyone's academics, the department can advocate for them if they really want that student- he said they can successfully advocate for students who are "on the edge"
    --they will reach out with acceptances at the end of February

    Acting/MT: At check-in they were calling Acting and Directing students to separate lines, and I don't remember any MT people being there, but by the time we got out of our meeting/tour there were definitely MT people all over the place. You all understand when I say you can tell the MT kids from the Acting kids, yes? Sitting in the hallway I felt as if I were front row at fashion week- some amazing ensembles. Alas, actors are not so dramatically clad. Bottom line, I bet you'll be able to hang out with your MT friends while you wait for kids in the afternoon. They are all in the same building and the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and friendly. Kids were sitting together all around the hallways- even the ones who had just met in movement class.

    I'd also add in terms of logistics, there isn't much parking around the theatre building so we took a lyft from our hotel (stayed at the Residence Inn 3535 Green Court in Ann Arbor, was quiet, beds super comfortable and free breakfast bar that was decent.) There are other parking lots around for a small fee, but it was easy to lyft so that's what we did. If you drive, there's a circular driveway in front of the theatre building to drop off and a free bus system that you could take back to the theatre.

    Hope it all goes well and BAL to your daughter!
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  • LamaDramaLamaDrama 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Azusa Pacific BFA Acting – On Campus audition

    * Arrive and check in with student rep. about 30 min. prior to your time slot
    * Student Rep takes you to audition room (Head of Dept. and one other teacher)
    * Perform 2 contrasting monologues and then an optional 16 bars of a song (which my child did)
    * Extra – was then was asked to re-perform 2nd monologue sitting down
    * Brief Q&A
    * End of audition – total time about 15 min. in length

    We then toured the campus
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  • yourmama99yourmama99 49 replies0 threads Junior Member
    DD auditioned and accepted at George Mason & VCU. George Mason, she went into classroom with 3 instructors, there for 10 minutes. I sat outside and wiated. VCU, they had a general info session before auditions. Luckily, My DD was first in one of three groups so I just waited about 15 minutes. Other parents had to wait two plus hours.
    Will be at NYC Unifieds for Depaul Friday, Carnegie Saturday, Fordham Sunday. Going to UNCSA the following Sunday.
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  • muttsandMTmuttsandMT 144 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @TenaciousC , wow! Thank you so much for the detailed info!!! :) . And yes...I know what you mean about the difference between Acting and MT kids. My D does both, but finds she fits in better with the Acting crowd..she is pretty reserved and introverted, and most of the MT kids she knows, while extremely friendly and kind, are also pretty extroverted.

    I just looked it up, and we booked the same hotel you stayed at...so it's nice to know we can expect a good stay with comfy beds. And thank you so much for the heads up on parking...I'm driving (we're flying in and rented a car), so it's nice that I now know this because parking is exactly the kind of thing that stresses me out!

    I'll pay your kindness forward by continuing to provide descriptions of my D's audition experiences.

    BAL to your student too! :)
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  • sagezinniasagezinnia 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    So this info will not help any 2024's as it's over for this year. We were at Ohio Unifieds yesterday held at Hillaird Darby HS near Columbus, and I am really giving info on it to help those in future years because I had difficulty finding much.

    It's presented by Ohio Thespians, and I believe there may be similar groups in other states offering similar type events. I apologize because we really didn't know much about them, it's not a part of my D's school. We learned of it because it was the audition location/date that worked best for OU.

    There were around 20 or so schools there. It was a mix of BFA and BA, but my guess is more BA's - many schools I had no clue about. The students began the day at 8:30am with movement and voice warm-ups, and then the MT's had a dance call. After, they were called to audition in a lecture hall with all the college representatives (and I believe they went in alone). Once they were done with their audition they could leave for lunch. The parents drop off, or wait in the building somewhere (I dropped off) during morning. But then parents attend in the afternoon.

    At a bit after 2pm they posted on accepted the "call back" lists were out. Near where the colleges were setup at tables (in library of the high school) each school had a separate paper with the names of who they would like to talk with that afternoon. All schools posted, except for Otterbein who considered this live prescreen and stated they would notify at a later date. Some of the schools called back a lot, and some very few.

    Setup was like a college fair, with each school having tables and chairs for the parent/teen to sit and talk with them. The schools varied in next steps. Some gave the artistic yes for their BFA program on the spot, others encouraged you to apply to the school, or gave the green light to schedule an audition at Unifieds.

    Below was the list of schools and think it varies a bit each year. I honestly don't know for sure if all those schools were there, but it was the list they had on acceptd. Bowling Green was there yet not on the acceptd list. I guess if you really cared about a certain school, it would be good to double check with the school itself.

    We had time to go to 6 of the schools (the session runs 2:30-4) which was perfect because D made it to the ones she cared about.

    My D had fun meeting the other teens that were auditioning, and it was good to get in another audition experience before going to Unifieds. All in all, for us it was worth going.

    University of Mount Union
    University of Akron
    University of Evansville
    The Ohio State University
    Ashland University
    Ohio University
    University of Findlay
    Huntington University
    Otterbein University
    Ohio Northern University
    Indiana University South Bend
    Marietta College
    University of Detroit Mercy
    Niagara University
    Purdue Fort Wayne
    Fairmont State University
    New York Conservatory for Dramatic Art
    Heidelberg University
    Rochester College
    Wittenberg University
    Austin Peay State University
    Miami University
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  • TenaciousCTenaciousC 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks @sagezinnia - sounds like a good experience for you!

    @yourmama99 thanks, and congratulations on the acceptances!
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  • 2024parentbfa2024parentbfa 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @muttsandMT Could you tell us when you receive the response from UHARTT and how (letter/email)? We auditioned back in December and waiting to hear from them. Thank you
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  • muttsandMTmuttsandMT 144 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hi @2024parentbfa! We actually found my D's decision thanks to a parent on the MT board who posted that her D was checking her portal and a decision was there...even though there had been no email from Hartt. So I asked my D to check her portal, and sure enough -- when she clicked on her application, the portal said that there had been a "status update." There was a link to view the update, and there was a "letter" in her portal that was dated 1/3/20 with her decision. We also received a snail mail version of her decision this past Friday. Interestingly, though, it only addressed MT and not Acting, even though my D auditioned for both. I have no idea whether we will eventually get a separate decision for Acting or not -- I had thought perhaps not, that maybe it was an either-or decision, but now that I've learned that you haven't received your child's Acting decision yet, I'm not so certain we won't get a separate decision for Acting after all.

    Hopefully that makes sense and is at least a little bit helpful!
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  • LamaDramaLamaDrama 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Northeastern (Boston) BA Theatre with many different minor options (i.e. MT, playwriting, etc.)

    Audition in November to “enhance your admissions profile & increase merit-based financial aid if accepted”.

    Audition On-Campus (2 hours max depending on the time of your individual audition)

    From website: Please prepare up to 3 minutes of material: one single monologue or
    two contrasting monologues, whatever you think best showcases your abilities.
    Your monologue selections should be no longer than a total of 3 minutes in length.
    We recommend that you select contemporary monologues and only do a classic piece if that is your particular strength or interest.

    * Email Department Rep and secure an audition Group and individual audition time.

    Group A: 9:45am-12pm

    We were in Group B with individual monologue audition at 12:30pm

    Group B
    * 11:15 am: Arrival – hangout with kids and parents, coffee and snacks
    * 11:30am-12pm: General information about the program with Q&A Session
    * At this point parents went into separate room and had a Q&A with four current Theatre students
    * 12-12:15p: Group Warm-up
    * 12:20-1:30p: Individual monologue presentations (2 auditors in room)

    We were done at 12:45pm This was our second visit to the campus
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  • 2024parentbfa2024parentbfa 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Thank you, @muttsandMT ! It makes a lot of sense. Was the audition on campus in December?
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  • muttsandMTmuttsandMT 144 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @2024parentbfa, yes it was...my D auditioned on campus on Sunday, December 8.
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