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SMU -BFA accepted -Questions

jtbuddyjtbuddy 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
DD accepted to SMU BFA EA
Meadows Scholar, Distinguished Scholar Merit. Did not receive PS, or Hunt Invite.

Has not received talent scholarship, received email from BFA, “tell parents to be patient. Once all auditions are done, talent scholarships will be announced.”

DD has been accepted at other schools, and also waiting for other LA schools 4/1.

DD loves SMU, but also likes other schools in NYC.

1. Feedback regarding talent scholarship. Will the scholarship bring the cost down to a state school or a bit more ?
2. If accepted at Ivy, will we have enough time to find out what our cost will be at either school ?
3. Should I have DD contact SMU and find out when talent scholarships will be announced ?

I know no one with students in acting, and do not want to make a misstep since DD is still waiting for other offers. Accepted at UT-Dallas with scholarship, UT-Austin-CAP, ACU-BFA, TCU-BA , Marymount Manhattan- scholarship

Waiting for NYU, Fordham, Northwestern, USC, etc.,.

Any feedback appreciated.

Thank you

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Replies to: SMU -BFA accepted -Questions

  • CaMom13CaMom13 2217 replies14 threads Senior Member
    @jtbuddy - let me answer what I can just based upon my limited experience...

    1. I have no idea and I don't think anyone will be able to tell you this right now. Talent scholarships vary by school I would just wait and see what they offer. If another school offers more you can take that in hand and ask his top choice to improve their offer but until you have something in writing there's no point in second-guessing.
    2. Ivy decisions come out on or before the beginning of April and you'll have until May 1 to make a decision. By April 1 you'll have all your offers on the table so yes, there's time. By the way - Ivies generally only offer need-based aid.
    3. No - I would wait it out. There's no point in pushing the process this soonwith SMU since they've already asked you to be patient and you are so far from the date on which you'll hear from your other options.

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  • jtbuddyjtbuddy 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Thank you. Very helpful. This is not an easy process, plus all the auditions, interviews and travel.
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  • sarahsmom02sarahsmom02 46 replies0 threads Junior Member
    My D just fell in love with this school's faculty and students. Everyone was so warm and inviting in email and in person. However, I highly recommend a program tour, just so you understand the space limitations. Everyone is very creative and a lot of ingenuity being used, but let's just say, shame on the administration for focusing on raising money for an indoor football performance facility and ignoring this fabulous program.
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  • jtbuddyjtbuddy 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
    If you are talking about SMU, it is in Texas so Friday Night Lights is the law of the land so not surprising.
    DD loves the campus, and the faculty. The double major, the travel opportunities and the association with Dallas Theatre.
    Our concern is not understanding how SMU stacks scholarships.
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  • anastasiasmomanastasiasmom 307 replies2 threads Member

    I would ask the financial aid office or admissions if you can stack scholarships and if there are any limitations. That is one question my d has asked when she's had a chance to talk to admissions and or financial aid office. It can make a difference in affordability.
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