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BFA in theater with minor?

nespi248nespi248 0 replies1 threads New Member
I have a rising junior who is currently looking into BFA programs in acting/theater - and wants to minor in either journalism or arts administration. Do you know what college programs allow for BFA students to also have a minor?
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Replies to: BFA in theater with minor?

  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 24807 replies20 threads Senior Member
    My daughter was in a BFA program (ended up transferring to history). Minors were easy to get IF the other department allowed them. Most minors at her school required 20-24 credit (in specific courses). Her BFA required 65 credits, and there were some university core requirements. Usually the credits in the major couldn't be used for the core requirements but those in the minor could. You just had to pick carefully.

    The one combined major that wasn't allow was education, but that's because the education school didn't allow it. I think education had certain requirements and BFA had certain requirements, and they just didn't mesh.
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  • emmacoalemmacoal 1 replies3 threads New Member
    I think most schools will allow it, but it really depends on the program if you can realistically achieve it without adding an extra semester or two. Another factor to consider is how many credits you personally can juggle in a single semester which I know is hard to tell while you’re still in high school.
    My advice would be to ask upfront if you can obtain a BFA and a minor in four years when get a more consiste list of the schools you are applying to.
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  • titlemomtitlemom 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Your best bet for getting a minor is bring several transfer credits with you from high school via AP or dual enrollment. If you can knock out several liberal arts requirements before you get to college, you can fill those slots with classes for your minor. That's just realistically what helps to make it manageable within your schedule. Lots of schools will allow you to minor, but fitting it in our schedule and keeping your work load under control is the trick. Elon is one school you might want to look at, as they have an arts admin minor designed to work with the BFA. I think (but am not certain) Otterbein was another. Most of DePaul acting students minor too, though I'm not aware of a specific arts admin minor they have several that would complement your BFA and goals. NYU is another school where I have heard a lot of student opt for a minor.
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  • DebrinaDebrina 12 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hi - my daughter is only a rising HS Junior but she has a college list going and wants to major in MT and minor in Chinese/Asian studies. She is in her 5th yr of Mandarin, and wants to become fluent, do a study abroad in China (when it is safe to do so, etc). She would love to work for Disney Shanghai, lol! So on her initial list are schools that offer Chinese and Asian studies. Any schools that do not, are off the list. And there are many that have great MT programs but only offer Spanish, French and Italian. From there, she plans on contacting the individual schools to ensure that an academic minor is allowed and do-able and will craft her list from there. She also plans on starting dual enrollment classes at our local CC this summer and will also be taking English 101-102 during her Junior yr in HS to try and transfer some credits.
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