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BU acting program

alwy15alwy15 1 replies3 threads New Member
edited February 2010 in Theater/Drama Majors
has anyone here been accepted and is going to the boston university acting program? also what do you know about it?
edited February 2010
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Replies to: BU acting program

  • CC AdminCC Admin Administrator 29512 replies3025 threads Senior Member
    I was accepted, but I'm goint to attend Carnegie Mellon. BU was probably my 2nd choice, and I still think it's a GREAT program! The thing that I like most about BU is that they have 2 theatre companies in residence (Huntington & Boston Playwrights) which can provide really outstanding opportunities for undergrads. Also, all actors (except for first-years) are cast in a production every quarter, which is definitely not the norm for top acting programs. Read the faculty bios on the web and you'll find that the faculty is also outstanding. Hope that helps.
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  • mackinawmackinaw 3040 replies54 threads Senior Member
    I heard from some BU students when we visited a few years ago that there is a definite "cutting" of students after a couple of years. This isn't unique but it means that the fact that you enroll in the program is no guarantee that you are going to get all the opportunities that you seek or even be allowed to complete the program.
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  • CC AdminCC Admin Administrator 29512 replies3025 threads Senior Member
    I haven't heard anything about a cut system at BU. In fact, I'm pretty sure that most schools have gotten rid of them. However, the schools that do have cut systems will say that they will take X number the freshman year, but will only graduate Y number. Sometimes, this is because they don't have enough faculty to teach that many students, and sometimes it's because they can only take Y number to the senior showcases and not X number, so they have to cut some. I'd ask someone on the faculty at BU, alwy15, and see what they say.
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  • thesbohemianthesbohemian 417 replies21 threads Member
    From what I remember, it's not so much a cut system as there being a possibility of being uninvited from the BFA program at the end of first year. I think most good programs will ask you to leave if you're not working out.
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  • mackinawmackinaw 3040 replies54 threads Senior Member
    I'd call that a cut system by another name. It's an important subject to explore for anybody considering attending a performing arts program anywhere.
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  • happycamperhappycamper 1 replies0 threads New Member
    My d is a freshman in the theater program at BU. It is not a cut program. They did eliminate that a few years ago. Rather the way I believe it works is that near the end of the freshman year the dept discusses with the student where they see themselves head bfa in acting or bfa in theater studies. The professors give their recommendations but the student is free to choose which program they want.
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  • jamimomjamimom 3277 replies1 threads Senior Member
    My son applied to the theatre progam at BU and DePaul. BU does not have cuts, but kids who are not doing the work, not doing well can be asked to leave, as in all programs. The department does evaluate all students as to whether they should go into acting or theatre studies as happycamper says. DePaul has a true cut program that is quota based, and I would steer kids away from such programs. The problem with such a program is that you can be cut even if you are fine as the whole concept is to accept too many and then whittle the program to size. If you are in a talented class, you can be in trouble since there are mandatory cuts based on class size, not performance. That seems insane to me.
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  • alwy15alwy15 1 replies3 threads New Member
    so is anyone here going to attend BU? what are some of the downsides of the program, also? i know there was some confusion about the nonexistant cut system, hah, but is there anything about the program you've heard that is unfavorable? im just trying to do as much research on this as i can. also what are the strongest points?
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  • eimc2010eimc2010 69 replies6 threads Junior Member
    BU does not have a cut system. In fact, they work very hard to make sure that everyone in their program succeeds.
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